I'm a female and I haven't gotten some in a while, but even before when I was getting I would watch porn and masturbate. Does anyone else have this problem (females).

S/N: I would rather masturbate than hook up with a stranger just for sex. Is this normal? Tell me I'm not the only one. 

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Completely normal. Sex is all about gratification. If you have orgasms better with porn, than with strangers and hook-ups, you would be unhealthy to do otherwise.

An addiction is "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma"

Meaning, does this habit cause you to neglect yourself mentally or physically? Cause you to lie or steal to maintain this habit? Neglect your kids? Do you have trouble doing other things? Bad hygiene? Loss of income? If you stop would there be 'severe trauma'?

If not, you more likely have a healthy habit...

Hopefully when you meet a man that is willing to fulfill you sexually, porn won't be the center of your sexual attention.

Also, having orgasms strengthens vaginal walls, a.k.a more p@#$y control and better orgasms, lol, so see this habit as the glass half full.
Sadly, youre not the only one. If I get laid, I can go a week or two w/o doing it. If not, i find myself doing it almost everynight. The thing is though, I give myself better orgasms than a man can and tht worries meba lil
b/c when i do get a man, i dont want him to think I dont need him in that way
I have had this samething happen to me... Notice I didn't say problem... It's not a problem, only if you let it become one. I would watch it and masturbate every morning b4 I went to work.( I worked at bank in case you were wondering.)Getting sex wasn't a issue. I just enjoyed doing it.
Yes you have a problem if you want to watch porn &masturbate Insted of having real sex. This happen to everyone that watches to much porn. You get caught up In something that is not real.
I didn't have problem,b4 it got as bad as you think it did. I knew how to control it. Trust me, it never got outta control. I guess, I'm open minded? How can you say it wasn't real? I also had a big black d**** under my matress.It was real at the end of the day. : P

Tone said:
Yes you have a problem if you want to watch porn &masturbate Insted of having real sex. This happen to everyone that watches to much porn. You get caught up In something that is not real.

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