"A pretty woman should nerver be broke"


"Purse first, ass last"


According to BlackSnakeMoan:





if you don't trust your man get the f*** out of the relationship!

What are some  gems of wisdom that you have read here on Baller Alert that you always keep in mind, be it about men, or career, state them here. There hundreds of pages worth of game on here, maybe they should be all put into one topic so newbies can click and study the Survival Scrolls.


Or maybe you can state something that hasnt been posted before

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Somebody around here said 'Never make someone a priority when they're making you an option'
"If you're not a dime, he's not giving you a dime, and if he doesn't have a dime, you shouldn't be looking his way" or something like that.
I like this lol

Nas'sTattooArtist said:
"If you're not a dime, he's not giving you a dime, and if he doesn't have a dime, you shouldn't be looking his way" or something like that.
LMAO@survival scrolls. This some s*** I would say
Men...esp athletes f*** raw dog. LOL
You gotta pay to play.
Ms Skyttlez gave me this one for those cheap azz ninjas who just came up and don't want to part with their cash for prime azz: Go f** your money since it is so important to you.

That statement is awesome squared to me.
edited to include these gems from BlackSnakeMoan.....

I don't remember who posted this quote but it make me laugh everytime I remember it.


"Dicks are a dime a dozen and I got a dollar!"

Girl! lol yes. smdh.

Baller Alert said:
Men...esp athletes f*** raw dog. LOL

1)  Regardless of what you have in the bank/stash, you are always financially challenged and in need of funds. I don't care if your sponsor gave you money yesterday. You spent it and make sure you have something to show them that looks like you could have spent all their money on it. Make sure it is something they'll enjoy more than you, i.e. lingerie, new sex toy, their favorite food, etc. Learn how to find a bargain so you can stash the rest for retirement.


2) I don't care how beautiful, pretty, cute, attractive, or handsome or fine for the gigalos out there, or HAWT you are today, you will get old and no one will want to shower you with cash then.  Make sure you plan for your future. Start with #1. Have some investments, bonds, a side business that happens to coincide with your sponsor's business so that they can write you off on their taxes, a sock drawer, something!  An old hoe, male or female, is a sad hoe and pity don't pay the bills.

$picey we are >_> <_< lol I saw an old pimp today waiting on a bus. smh I could look at him and tell that back in his day he was fine. His clothes were old but well made and still in very good shape. HOWEVER, he was standing on the bus stop. So not a good look. Even if you get too old to drive, if you put your money to work for you at least you'll be able to afford a cab or car service in your retirement years. IJS

Good one CC, regardless of how much he/she gives you, get that side business going and pay some taxes so you can be eligible for social security or medical care when you get into your twilight years. You never know if that money (even if you save) will be there.

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