I live in a small city where everybody knows everybody n all ur business too! Lol... so here we don't have much to choose from.... either boys... wanna be rappers n ur average working guy... the working guy is cool but most the have a lot to offer or as much as I have... n I need a lil more... I think I deserve it! 9 dollars a hour just don't get it this way... sorry... but I don't have to have a ballet either... I don't mind a reg working man...I just don't know where to find them... I have met a few but they were taken... I'm approaching 26 soon n I'm ready to settle down n have more kids... so where r the best places to find a man? I'm not searching for a man... but having one would be nice... ya knowww... lol

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 Guys in your area are only making 9 buck an hr damn

The cost of living is cheap here.... but the most any body makes is 12 dollars.... unless they have need on there job d fo..r ever... but even then 12 is usually the highest.. but of course that's just average workers I'm talking about... non salary...

You need to move

Still Pretty Vahn said:

The cost of living is cheap here.... but the most any body makes is 12 dollars.... unless they have need on there job d fo..r ever... but even then 12 is usually the highest.. but of course that's just average workers I'm talking about... non salary...
This is my first post!

So hello everyone.

Since you mentioned that you live in a small town, some of these places may not apply.

It may be a good idea to meet a friend in a local bigger city and spend time there.

Here are a number of places that have worked for me in the past

- Country Clubs
- Golf Courses

- Resorts and nice hotels (I grew up near the colliseum in New York, and there was a local upscale hotel which housed performing acts and traveling players, as a kid my 2 cousins and I would sneak into their pool and pretend to be guest, they would bring us warm towels and sodas. About 3 years ago, the family was back home in NY and we decided to do it again as adults, just to bring back memories. Needless to say, the Rangers were staying there, My cousin met and married a great guy.)

-Wine and Gourmet Food Festivals and Restaurants

-Upscale Charity Events (this has sctually worked well for me in the past)

-Open houses for Expensive real estate (this works well if you can pull off actually being in the market for a home)

-Another thing that has worked for me is google your local convention center, look for upcoming conventions, i.e. will there be an upcoming plastic surgeon convention with 500 of your states top surgeons meeting to look at new equipment?
Find out where the closest 4 and 5 star hotels are and sit at that hotel bar dressed inviting. *think classy, not slutty (it would be very embarrassing to get kicked out because you're suspected of being a pro)*
Skip teachers' and military conventions, and if there is a company that you have never heard of google company + average income

-local millionaire clubs

-crashing charity events and upscale weddings

I have more, but this infomation may already be on here, (and I don't want to get too long winded) I just joined yesterday.

Just got out of a relationship with baller, so if there are any ladies in my town looking to hang out and try to meet some great guys with me p.m.
Yes I do @tone and to bad my city doesn't have any of those ...lol... its pretty bad here... but great suggestions... I'll look into them

Lol my city is pretty small too. Try having lunch at the hospital and maybe you will meet a Dr.  Nice restaurants,charity events can also be a sure bet, do some volunteer work you can meet some people that way. 

How long have you been looking? It sounds like you yourself is changing, which is good. The small city thing I get, it can be a bit 2 close for comfort. It's like everybody know everybody, blah, blah, blah.

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