This will be the official discussion thread for their show. It comes on BET every Tuesday night at 10pmEST/9pmCST. It is supposed to be coming on tonight, but because BET is showing MJ's Memorial Service again, I'm not sure if it will come on or on schedule.

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!! And why were they swimming in Hanes?
About the tattoo "Thats Reginae name, pssshhh..." and she was dead serious!!!! po' thang!

I was through with Tiny after the 1st show, I'm tryna ride with Toya since she is a homegirl, but she isn't making it easy!

DA_DON said:
*dead* damn i did forget the girl had to tell her why tattoo"s showing was'nt a good idea. wtf gnr *reconsidering last mess.*
ATown SouthernGal said:
OMG Don you going hard...LMAO. Toya had to get basic 101 interview tips...come on now! See what being "cute" can get you with dudes??? Wonder how how long it's going to be before you write back saying she no longer gets the benefit of doubt? lol

DA_DON said:
og im just about there. tiny's lips and f*** it whole face for that matter and that deformed midget body with the over the top butt pads and the "im fresh off the plantation" speech is to much mane. tiny generally seems like a nice person but those looks r shot to hell!!!! now im from the south, but i can turn that southern accent down for the right s***. i.e work,school,etc. its not about being fake its just about people understanding what the f*** u r saying sometimes. im over here cringing and s*** everytime she say something. once again i give toya the benefit of the doubt cuz she cute. gnr

OfficialGroupie said:
ok. i've officially stopped watching. i cant take tiny's lips no more. her speech is f****** with me. then the messages they try to send is also its a psa. no, its suppose to be a "reality show". i just canceled all future recording of the show. yall just gonna have to give me updates. cause im too thru.
LMAO..Just Me. I didn't want to say anything about the swim wear because they do have kids but who had their own tv show and not a bathing suit? She could have put on a tankini and/or boy short swim wear...wth?
I actually think she gets her looks from her dad...She doesn't look like her mom to me...She even has her daddy's head...and we all know she got his nose for

Madison said:
aww it was sweet what Toya did for her brother last week, she should thank her parents ok maybe this is horrible 2 say for whatever they did because it led to her marrying and having wayne's daugher.. i like toya ..tiny's bad features are from her white mother because her father is a good looking man her mom is where she gets the atrocious looks from but T.I. likes it so it does not matter
Premiere Episode for Season 2...Who's Watching???

**I was too lazy to start a new thread so I bumped this one, LOL**
ha ha ha ha them joints is something else aint they. smh

D0vie said:
I can't stop staring at Tiny's lips!
A couple pics from the premiere:

why does he have on a doo-rag? ugh

Baller Alert said:
A couple pics from the premiere:

nooow lets talk abot doo-rag etiquitte

desiree said:
why does he have on a doo-rag? ugh

Baller Alert said:
A couple pics from the premiere:

Tiny is a terrible dresser. I mean really terrible it looks like Rainbows and Forever 21 had an argument about 98 percent of the time. and Toya's man. is...basic.

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