Jacky has hit us with another Blind Item:


Here’s what was revealed me about this weeks blind item:

“This R & B starlet might as well become a high paid whore like some of her other diva friends. Jacky, she knows how to make extra cash in between gigs. She had instant success with her production team in the beginning of her career, they were trying to make her the next Aaliyah.

This chic was sleeping with her music production team. Don’t believe me.. Ask Missy Elliott. Her hits came to a halt when she cut off her production team.

I remember when she hit the jackpot by bagging a successful rapper who sponsored her lifestyle.

She messed up and lost all access to the mansion, Lamborghini, Benz truck, Rolls Royce Phantom and her thousand dollar a week allowance. Know why? Because our blind item smashed Trey Songz behind her sponsors back. Don’t believe me.. Ask 50 Cent.

La La Vasquez’s lesbian cousin was smashing her too. Don’t believe me.. Ask Carmelo Anthony.

After Fiddy kicked her under the bus she started dating basketball players, but that didn’t last long. Know why? Because Amar’e Stoudemire got tired of her begging him all time for cash mane.

She’ now overseas tricking on wealthy European men.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

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this is Ciara....easy! lol

Sure is!!

Eleven8 said:

this is Ciara....easy! lol


That couldn't of been a blind item, it just should of been a letter with Cici name in it. They named EVERYONE she is dealt with AND gave details...lol wow ok.

Yep... Jig was up after the 1st paragraph... The rest was just icing on the cake... 

Eleven8 said:

this is Ciara....easy! lol

Wow. This is vicious. I guess the goodies are out the jar and they're for sale.

I'm glad it was easy, I hate when I can't figure it out! I enjoyed this...well too bad for Cici...but it aint trickin if you got it? right? lol

Eleven8 said:

this is Ciara....easy! lol

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