Okay so I had to watch this twice to see if I was jumping out the window on the wrong foot, but baaaby...this show is messy...and  not in a good way...love to see Toni getting some shine about something other than her bankruptcy issues, but her sissies, chile, I don't know if anyone else watched, but, In my opinion they came off, as bitter, jealous, and ungrateful, especially the main one with no career, but can't tell her she is not the second coming of Beyonce, Tamar...I mean I have a gang of sisters so I know how it goes, but dammmmn, I hope it gets better as I continue to watch, because for now the only one that appears in Toni's corner, besides, her manager Vince, is Towanda, her assistant...Anywho, let's get it poppin; if you watched, share your thoughts, tell us what you think...





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I watched this show last night and I have to say Tamar is a mess. I'm sure she got with dude because she knew he had money and connections and she thought he was going to give her a record deal...WRONG! He knows she will never make it. They look completely opposites. The way she acts you would think she was to good to be with a guy that looks like him. Toni said i correct, she acts like a big ass child. That is not attractive or cute. And can somebody refer them to a new hair stylist cause all their hair looks a hot mess. I do think Toni is ill and that is why she sleeps allot. Tamar and the rest of the women need to realize that without Toni Braxton nobody cares who the others are.
Damn, JM! Toni seems sick as hell. I'm glad she's trying to push through but she seems really ill.

JustMe said:
What did I do??? Lol 

Lil BIT (Ballerette In Training) said:
oooh JM I'm gonna fight you for that one..,LMAO!!!

JustMe said:
Her heart right??? I forgot about that... Very possibly the case cause she sleeps more than a newborn... 

University of Smitty said:

Yeah, Tamar was definitely trying too hard.

@JM  I think Toni is more sickly than she will admit

Toni didn't say anything about her divorce when she gave the run down of all her difficulties in the past couple of years. I wonder if it was really that bad?
@ Candy, I was thinking the same thing about their hair, but then again, maybe they don't have: Lawrence, Derek J, or Jason Griggers money... Ha IJS #shrugs
If Sheree can afford Lawrence they can too... Lol... They prolly sit around doing each others wigs & think that mess is thebomb.not 

Lil BIT (Ballerette In Training) said:
@ Candy, I was thinking the same thing about their hair, but then again, maybe they don't have: Lawrence, Derek J, or Jason Griggers money... Ha IJS #shrugs
Sorry for the Toni cracks, I honestly forgot that she was ill... I think it's lupus which is extremely harsh on the body... 
@JM...okayyyy and can you please tell me who told Tamar to end every other sentence with dot com was cute...
Probablynobody.org and 

Lil BIT (Ballerette In Training) said:
@JM...okayyyy and can you please tell me who told Tamar to end every other sentence with dot com was cute...

I was waiting for somebody to slap Tamar's ass. She might be the baby of the family, but she's 34 freaking years old! I hope to g_d that .com s*** does NOT catch on, even mockingly, or I might have to inflict bodily harm on a few people, lol.

I feel a little sorry for Traci, but she is thisclose to crossing over into Tamar-land; she needs to stop being so bitchy just because she's not singing!

Towanda has her hands full, lol.

Oh, and that part when Tamar took Trina's purse and started running around the car? I was like, 'Wth? How old is this heffa?'


Am I the only one who thought Tamar would have been perfect on Flavor of Love? LMAO!

Tamar got on my nerves, a big part of her being with Vince is cause she trying to get that solo deal!! She better be happy she singing backup, know how many bishes with voices wish they was on tour and not cleaning the grill at Fat Hoe Burgers. They better let Tracie sing before she kills all their a****, LOL  I'm liking them so far.
First thing I though..."Why is Latoya Jackson cuttin a fool like this on Toni's show!"

JustMe said:
Tamar is a jealous idiot... She needs medicine & if she keep it up she gonna look just like Latoya... 

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