Hey everyone!!! Can you guys give me signs or clues that a guy is possibly intimidated by you.... Thanks...

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Yea I know about that..... But is there a certain way they act.... when there in your presense.
thanks a bunch... I know i look good, plus he going around telling everybody IM the s***, but when am with him he acts agressive and snotty...lol
When a guy is intimidated by you, he won't act accordingly, like the typical "save a hoe" actions...it will be more of a "homie" situation....less intimate....more like a child hood friend...that's what I can think of in my patron induced stupor
He'll say or show that he's jealous. He always try to outshine you or always be in competition with you. For example, you mention what you've done to be successful and he has an equivalant example..(You state, "To be a pharmacist, I had to take numerous science courses"...His reply, "I like science courses. I did real well in high school."). He'll be agressive as you mentioned and try to put you in your place. Or he may have the complete opposite type of personality. I typically encounter the aforementioned personality.
this is a different perspective but ive had guys tell me they were intimidated by me and it surprised me because i really never paid attention or knew why they would..i am intelligent and sexy but still..guys are weird..anyhoo when i look back on it..i noticed that the guys always acted extra nice towards me..really respectful..not as forward as they would normally act..they acted more candid and open with me..they will definitely flirt in a subtle way with you.not to much because they dont want to ruin things too quickly..hope that helped
No eye contact or very little. You find out more about his personality in group settings than one on one. Hesitant on physical touch too. It's kind a weird until you get to the bottom of it all. In the beginning when they are intimidated you almost feel rejected but you know he's interested b/c he's always staring or can repeat everything you say. He's extremely attentive too.
Okay in my experience, they are usually very respectful and either don't use curse words infront of me or apologise when they do. Oh there's always the stammers and ones that will have a big smile on their faces but say nothing. It makes me feel bad sometimes, but I can't help being me! LOL!
Aww...they do don't they? It's cute!

Tab said:
He will tell you. And he will compete with you. "I got this" ,"I'm smart", "I did this". They spend alot of time trying to convince you they are worthy. It's a pain in the butt. Men have to feel needed.
yep, thats exactly how it happened. and then he went on to say "when (and i'm thinking "if") i make it to the league, i'm a make sure i give you a couple grand to pay off your student loans." Ha! he knew he couldn't step up to the plate now, so i guess that was his way of telling me he'd be ready once he had some money (and i would "need" him). whatever...

Tab said:
He will tell you. And he will compete with you. "I got this" ,"I'm smart", "I did this". They spend alot of time trying to convince you they are worthy. It's a pain in the butt. Men have to feel needed.

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