I saw this s*** and I'm wondering is it true, my buddy told me he likes fingers in the booty h***.
Minnesota Vikings safety Darren Sharper while cute is not immune to the many 'DL' rumors that have been flying around lately. I don't know if it is me but does it seem like EVERYBODY from the Vikings are considered 'DL'? Maybe it is something in the snow. I know of at least 5 players that are rumored to be living on the 'DL'. One is even rumored to have dealings with gay prostitutes in Atlanta. Gross!! A poster on balleralert.com named Cassandra (Miami) told of a chilling 3-some she had with 2 Vikings. Needless to say at some point during the tryst she was left out. With rumors of denying kids and loving "Becky's" lulling around you would think that Darren of all people wouldn't have such h*** rumors going around. Is it the peeps he associate with or what? Does anyone male/female have any concrete proof of Darrens fixation with butt h*** surfing? What about other team players? Listed Below are the names of players including Darren who are rumored to be 'DL'. I hope this isn't true, I LOVE me some Darren Sharper. By the way don't shoot me I am the messenger. So, come in and spill the tea. "We won't tale!!!"

Vikings Booty Vixens: (no concrete proof)

1. Darren Sharper
2. Dontarrious Thomas
3. Bryant "Mount" McKinnie
4. Chester Taylor
5. Tarvaris Jackson

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Seems like almost everybody is a lil fruity in the industry! Is this a new trend now?
If you insert anything in a man's butt,you are officially gay, not gay indentencies but gay! That is the place of no return.

By the way, love ur name.. LMAO
Damn OG gangsta OG!! LMAO Thanx 4 the link, never read it til now.

LMAO @ Cassandra.."I had a slut moment" & "Every guy is gay until proven innocent".

Yeah ol boy is pretty much sweet in the booty! SMDH Its a sad day in age when you have to worry bout if another dude looking @ you or ur man or if u & ur man checking out the same dude.....Yuckk I almost chocked on my coffee...JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

Gia said:
Cassandra said that it was between a Vikings and a Dolphins player...get your facts straight.
fa real. it would be one of those "u know u done f***** up now right" situations.

Tee said:
Honestly i dont think these peoples names should've been thrown out like this unless u had some proof. Cause what if it aint true
I can concur. I need a video or a pic! Cause it's some scorned chicks out here!
Tee said:
Honestly i dont think these peoples names should've been thrown out like this unless u had some proof. Cause what if it aint true
This is nuts, people signing up to post 'allegations' about people without any proof and expect us to believe them. SMDH, Too bad, we can see through the bull$hit. If you're upset find another way to get your 'closure' of the situation and move on.

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