You too old for that (draya voice)

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And airbrushed abs in her last photo shoot... 

Sheli said:

On top of the blonde weave and tan, Evelyn has breast implants and veneers! So who's really the #InsecureAss????

Ms. Ashley Banks said:

Blonde weave and a tan. She's the confused one.

Desiree' said:

This is coming from a heffa that wears a blonde wig like its her natural hair color b**** bye! Poor Jen but thats what she gets for running after Eve like whatever she says go's

Eve is what 36 and still acts as if she is in high school. Truth be told if she was ever Jen's friend she would appreciate her advice and thanl her for being a concern friend. As Jen said she does want her friend to go through the pain again, but I think this for reality BBW is around the corner. Watch how this plays out.

Does Nene have anything to say about this? after all her name is in Eve's mouth LOL

Yea on eve said she talk to her and nene said she didnt have a problem w eve. I can't stand evelyn ratchet ass lol

Does Nene have anything to say about this? after all her name is in Eve's mouth LOL

This just seems to be beef made in 'reality tv' cuz the show premiers next month. smdh...a check is a check and these hoes are just playing their position.

they'll be friends again shortly

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