Hey ladies! Im some what of a newbie. I joined the site a while ago and have been lurking. I went aalllll the way back through the archives to see what BA was all about and learned alot! I wanted to be educated on past topics instead of coming on here asking "where the ballers at??" like most ladies do lol. I see that you all are a wealth of knowledge and think very similar to me. Any ways, now that I am all caught up, I look foward to be posting more often. My nxt assignment is to go through all the blogs, because Im sure there are things Ive missed. I posted once but deleted it o_O. It was nothing serious though.

But, I just wanted to pop my head in and say hi! *waves* :)

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*Waves Real Hard* Hey!
Lol thanks!

Brii said:
*Waves Real Hard* Hey!

hey ma

Welcome Ms. Good!!


*waves* Welcome!

Welcome hun ... i just started posting recently as well ...

Thanks ladies!

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