How Fast Is TOO Fast For Your Man To C** During Sex???

We know we have some premature Ejaculators out there reading this.  Ladies, we would like to know, how fast is too fast for your man to blast off during sex???  Do you consider 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes too fast?  Just let us know…. And fellas if you’re in this category, hang your head in shame…



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butt ass naked!!!!!

Hotter said:
If you c** in ten mins imma put ur ass out!
if you c** before me. I can be pretty quick on the draw when I consincentrate
bare minimum is 30... but most importantly, I BETTER get mine before you get yours...
Damn, yall take ALL DAY lol. My last relationship, 12 minutes minimum was all I needed to get mine. A romp every so often is nice, but if he really knows what he's doing, I dont find it necessary
Is ten mins sex or a quickie? I'm sorry if I haven't developed a sweat bead on my face, it ain't sex and the s*** wasn't good.

Ummmm if my hair is still in tack or I haven't said "YES" were wack
Wow@ this discussion! I don't get off from penetration, so my man can come as fast or as slow as he wants. Just as long as we find other ways to get me off, I'm okay.
30-45 Minutes is pretty good time...

When I was like 18 I was messin with an older dude who would c** in 5 minutes... I used to get so mad at him... I wasn't as experienced back then but I knew that s*** was not ok.... I was young not dumb!!
OMG 30 minutes??? What N-D-Hell are ya'll doing in there???? I have a short attention span so all you have with me is 10 minutes, before I lose focus! LOL (I'm serious) All those other minutes is just him stroking his own ego. I hate have a strong dislike for sex!!!
strong dislike for sex?

what the .....
WOW, I'm speechless
You bet not dare not c** before I get 3.... give me them 3 how ever you have to but I need to have 3 first
I agree. I hate when he goes on forever too trying to prove something and it's like, just freakin' nut already no one is watching the clock. You start thinking about other s***, the grocery list, new blinds, (insert moan here), the kids clothes, laundry, picking up the dry cleaning, (insert moan and say his name here) a new yoga mat, picking up that baby shower gift, did you take your bc pill this morning, does that dog need more food???????.......

Devyn AKA Dominique Devereaux said:
I get mine from oral quicker than penetration, so the 30 minutes is sufficient.

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