If you could build the perfect male.....ladies what would he contain

Hell I'm curious ladies...I know yall cant chase a baller forever. Hell you gotta like one of these m********** sooner or later right. So besides the monetary factor (which we all know is a must for yall) what would this guy contain? I'm talkin height/weight/intelligence/the way he walks/talks/jumps/hell do you need a fool that dont play video games or somethin lol..what is it?

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LMAO Hmm....

1.) Respectful/Courteous 
2.) Well educated/Can hold a conversation
3.) Sense of Humor
4.) Generous
5.) Nice TEETH (I'm crazy about teeth and a pretty smile)
6.) Tall 6' 5 
7.) Equipment has to be up to par and know how to use it tongue included (I hope that wasnt too raunchy)lol
8.) Spontaneous 
9.) Obama's Walk
10.) Cam Newton's Body
11.) Understanding

** I'll be back lol

1. Respectful

2. Up on current events

3. A defensive line mans body (I love big strong arms)

4. Clear skin (no razor bumps)

5. Between 5'10-6'4

6. Nice smile

7. GQ haircut

8. Crazy sex game

9. A sweetheart but not a push over

10. Traditional yet open minded

Hmmmmmmmm, I'm excited to write this. Smiling n ish, deep up in a dream like, lol. All these things are equally important, so no numbers:

  • He must be about me; wants only the best for me; truly feels I am worth all the world has to offer and more.
  • So gentle when he touches me, speaks to me, checks me
  • Encourages me to be better than I am
  • Taller than me, at least 6'0
  • Brown or darker
  • Basketball or Football type body
  • Respectful
  • Generous
  • A leader
  • Firm
  • Dependable, not a liar
  • A manly man
  • Handsome, clean, well-kept
  • Ambitious
  • Treats all people well
  • Someone I can look up to and honor
  • Book sense and street sense
  • Regular guy who just happens to be successful




And alot of what the other ladies have put already


Honeycoated said:




And alot of what the other ladies have put already

Actually, both guy's names are Daniel Bailey. I love dark skinned men. It looks sooooo.....REGAL. The 2nd guys' lips and smile makes me swoon 

everything has already been said.

Well, he said if we could BUILD one, what would we want him to have. We aint saying we would find one that already has alladat

BabyBallerCheeks said:

Damn! Yall want a guy that looks like those pics with all those qualities?! Yall b****** will have a better time finding aliens. LOL.

+1 for all of the above AND


He has to believe in someone/something greater than himself (God/Allah) 

***Sorry no Jehovah Witnesses

I would take either.. whew chile.

Honeycoated said:




And alot of what the other ladies have put already

S*** yeah. I met the light skin Daniel Bailey a while back...Probably last year. I swear I thought his ass was Trey Songz...I was like hol up hol up hol up!!! lmaoo He sexy as s***. But was posted up at his lil table like he was a celeb...what does he do again?

you aint neva lied...I love my men like that (#1).....and we share the exact same b-day (#1)....its destiny..lol.  The second one is okay but he would probably look better TO ME if he was darkskin
Brii said:


Honeycoated said:




And alot of what the other ladies have put already

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