"Million Dollar Girl" Trina's NSFW Photos Leak Complete With Funky Nasty Rash....!

some dude is talking but u cant hear him.

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Kenyon been put her ass out, like summer time last year......but who ever did this really needs to stop......really.......get a life
I don't get this video. Whoever made it is creeping me out...not with the pictures but with that low tone hum demonic voice of theirs.....it's so inaudible and annoying....and in the middle of the video the hums "happy birthday" like some re-re and shows a birthday cake. Why?

The Pointless attention whore award goes to whoever created this video. Seriously.

Whether of not Trina has something or not is really none of my/our business. If she does, it's not the kind of thing that will stop my day, especially because the std thing is not my reality.

And let's all stop getting surprised when we do hear of rumors of celebs and atheletes getting weird diseases though...I mean if you life the lifestyle and aren't careful, somethings bound to happen.

She took a picture of herself crying... :-(

Whoever is trying to blast her gets a big fat FAIL.
Hey girl, I'm like you....when I heard Trina on the Kenny Burns show (I believe last week), she didn't give him a straight answer about her and KMart either (in fact she giggled her way through that question), go figure....I just caught this over at S. Rose and maybe this explains why....
(I know some of you ladies and gents had to catch that interview too...she even plugged KB's show)
(all I have to say is you lose 'em how you get 'em)

From S. Rose:
"Kenyon is a nice guy he paid for everything Trina wanted from hand bags, diamonds, those good lace fronts etc. After they split Trina really didn’t have ANY income (I’m not exaggerating ask anyone in Trina’s circle). So as soon as that money well ran dry and Trina realized Kenyon was serious she went on interviews and refused to speak on whether she and Kenyon were officially together or split. All the gold diggers from the mid-west to LA were preying on Kenyon because the word was he was a big TRICKER. Trina didn’t want any opportunist gold diggers getting that lavish lifestyle that she once lived, so she refused to officially admit they broke up. Kenyon’s been ignoring women lately because I think he got the memo women started seeing him as an ATM machine"


Word is they officially ended things some time in late summer or early fall and she's been keeping things hush on it or denying it altogether. I'm sure someone who actually cares would know more
prprincess said:
OOOOOK, Like everyone else here on the board, I pride myself on being in the loop...but, when did Trina break-up with K Martin?
Yeah this BS was an epic fail. I had a rash similiar to this from using a detergent called Bold Plus. The only reason I bought the s*** because the whole isle smelled like the detergent so I was like if it smells that good in the isle then it will be like wearing perfume without the bottle. WRONG! My back,thighs,arms,basically everywhere that my clothes touched my body broke out. I went to the doctor crying. And that is not contagious you can tell from the welts,yes that is what you call them, welts. It is a version of hives. Anything could have caused it. Females are sensitive to a lot of things. Sometimes you don't know until you are exposed. And yeah if they find out who did it somebody needs to beat their b**** azz for that, this ain't cool or funny to me.
Okay...I caught that video on another site. I'm glad Boss posted it on here.

Can someone please explain WHY at the end does she say the doctor thinks she may be allergic to "shellfish" or perhaps "makeup bronzer"????

If it was just an "allergic reaction" she would know for sure right? Right!!!
I think there's more to this story.

Trina's story sound kinda fishy to me. I really hope this was not a PR stunt.

FOR ALL YOU GROUPIES, Her and Kenyon are no longer together, but I think she's having to eat some "crow" for her covering that up and still trying to milk that "situation".
Sounds like the truth to me. She's just ignorant so she feels she needs to explain because she thinks everyone is as ignorant as she is.
I was thinking the exact same thing. I break out like this too, especially if I change skin products. For all we know she could have a lawsuit pending against some company for using their product & breaking out.
But I read every comment....this is deep. I didn't know that they broke up. I'd be denying that s*** too if I were Trina b/c the money's long. But it's not like she ain't never had a baller. She lost one and she'll get another like she always does.
livelife25 said:
this is so damn petty, it's not even funny. so what if she had a skin rash at one point? these things can happen to anyone. i even get why she might have taken pix of it, maybe to monitor it via sending pix to her healthcare practitioner.
The picture is gone

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