New Girl on Basketball Wives (Tami from the Real World) Fires Back To Comments on Necole Bitchie Website

hey necole thanks 4 the shout out on ur site. I love u-read it all the time-just want 2 clear up a few things tho…[Spinderella] has 1 kid; I have 2; didn’t get anything in divorce-pre nup was iron clad, so no half his income; kenny is $400000 behind [in child support]

[The] comments were RUDE but its all good. 2 the b*tch who made the real estate remark-i don’t sell real estate dumb ass! but if I did b*tch check ur statistics- 5% of a million dollar home aint bad income-b*tch what u got??

PS-i didn’t accuse David of rape-check the tapes- it was Beth- David is cool w/me so suck my ass after I sh*t b*tches!

[Basketball Wives] season 2 definitey is bringing the drama-I hope u watch! Xtra luv 2 all my supporters. Watch as I keep it 100!

@necolebitchie Yup, I’m on most of season 2- I aint gonna lie- I bring drama-I’m still me-good bad or indifferent-i aint a fake ass b*tch

Somebody needed 2 set these tricks straight & I am the perfect b*tch 2 do it! People don’t even kno me & got sh*t 2say- man.. 2 the f*ckers who talked about my looks: I’m 40 w/ 2 kids-real tits & no botox! Check how ur momma look, then come f*ck w/me

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I know right.....oh...
wait....oh it's the girl from the old school episodes of the Real World??? That "Tammy"...the one who accused her cast mate David (the black comedian) of Rape???? Nearly killed his career and he was kicked off the show... Oh I remember her and her lying ass friend on that show...that was like in many years

So this is what she's doing now, BasketBall Wives?...LoL
I completely forgot about that license plate of "his cash" wasn't true huh when she got with that ball player and things went sour?

alluringeyes said:
I aint gonna lie- I bring drama this is ambitious!!!! Is this all she can bring to the show? She should have bigger dreams and goals at this stage in her life.

And I have no clue who she is either.
aww s***, she didn't play when she was on "the real world"...

can't wait to see it and all of the fuckery!

her husband was a womanizer!!! I remember she was on Oprah.
Yeah, that episode pissed me off, what they did to David. Then the other female roomate(not Beth) comes out who wasn't even around and accuses him of damn near raping her too. Then the editors of the show start only playing footage of when he would say mean stuff, showing him in an unflattering way.

All I've seen of him after that is he was on In Living Color, but when it started to not be funny anymore.

But anyhoo, she seems to be a s*** starter. Will start some s*** and sleep like a baby the same night
she needs to be embarrased, 40 years old with two kids and still writing messages like this.....
what's so crazy about this is how is she (Tammy) going to be mad at readers/commenters over at Necole Bitchie of all places for adding their 2 cents when isn't she the SAME GIRL who while on the REAL WORLD episodes who ALSO:

Publically shared her full abortion story with viewers on the Real World (she was preg. with Marlon Wayans baby allegedly)...and

Publically shared her story of trying to lose weight by getting her JAW WIRED shut...bish couldn't just work out???

All this along with that rape fiasco on the show with David back in the day....(I was a little one but I now remember watching all her silliness).

So come on Tammy, how you gonna top this on Basketball Wives?
And can Shaunie please change the name because ain't none of them chicks anybody's wife...(no Jenn don't count know that her man has a baby on the side)

So yeah, Tammy lives for this stuff and needs to quit acting like she's above it all now because there is no way that a woman who is nearly 40 yrs. old now has any excuse about why she cares so much for what others think (she should've been like, f*ck them...where's my damn check Shaunie? to rant on twitter....oh gawd...
'Reality' television is less than asinine at this point. I don't dislike 'Tami' at all I feel so sorry for her. I guess when she had her abortion the reality was real; now it's FAKE! Every single person that had a relationship with a guy who's been in Euro League/And 1 maybe won the Sprite Dunk contest is getting their own reality show now. 'Reality' television needs to have it's plug pulled-NOW.

Where are the 'winners' of ANY of Diddy's shows?
Did anybody 'WIN' Chad Johnson's show, ultimate catch?? or was it pulled for Real and Chance's show?
What was the point of T.O.'s show?? I only watched 3 episodes? -why did i watch any
Why is Russell Simmons coming out with his own 'reality' television show where you see all the 'women' who run his business?? I saw some previews looks sooo awful

PULL THE PLUG - I'm talking about these FAKE shows ...not real 'reality' television such as Intervention/ 1st 48 hours...real housewives; jersey shore; bad girls.. yes they are ALL FAKE
is this 1985, cause this chick sound like she is still in middle school... guess Shaunie was tired of the high-falutin' and decided she needed a gutta chick...
Who is she?? Is this the chick that had the covers pulled off of her??? ANYWAYS!!! Yea she should feel like a complete ass!!! I hope she responds to these comments...Tammy/ old are you again? 2 kids? And you're responding to INTERNET COMMENTS?? Damn, I mean if you're gonna respond can we get an EDUCATED response?? I agree with JM, Shaunie must have lowered her standards for the show...she needs a hood rat that brings "drama" and is still "-I’m still me-good bad or indifferent" and somebody who's not "-i aint a fake ass b*tch" ... Girl bye... or should I salute you in your own words and tell you that you can "suck my ass after I sh*t b*tches!"

Read more:

livelife25 said:
she needs to be embarrased, 40 years old with two kids and still writing messages like this.....
My bad... she is on the Basketball Wives. LOL
I remember her! Back when the Real World series was great. She's a crazy one. And who would put this on Twitter?! She needs help, I have a feeling she'll end up attacking someone in the "cast".

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