So since I'm graduating and I've been talking with my therapist I've realized I haven't truly been happy in awhile. Also I've been doing so much stuff to please other people I can't remember the last time I did something for me!  Therefore I'm going to go move to NYC after graduation. Ok yes I know it's expensive it's dangerous blah blah blah. Tell me something I don't know. Anyways I wanna know anything you can tell me besides the usual cliche phrases about NYC. I am looking for a job presently haven't found one yet though. I believe when I get up there it'll be easier. Also what about places to live? I'm trying to live in manhattan midtown or financial district. Seems like my "unemployment budget" only fits Harlem and Washington Heights. Eeek! So anyways let me know the nitty gritty also if anyone has hook ups at jobs or anyone knows someone needing a roommate let me know BA fam. I'm excited about this move and new change in my life. I'm excited to be on my own and find myself again. :). This has been keeping me sane from the breakup. Yes it's spontaneous but that's how I am :-)

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