Big Pun's wife also slept around on him apparantly thats why he beat her alot- one time he came home and she was having secks with one of the goons from around the way-she apparantly had something going on with cuban links or one of those dudes from terror squad

Pun was also smashing remy ma...the streets say

pun and joe didnt jump jay-z pun said he smashed a bottle over jays head because joe did a verse or something for a track on jays first album and he didnt want to pay him and was running his mouth

Suge Knight, Had the boys from Jodeci Raped by him and boys. That what cause them to get on drugs.

yes Aaliyah got around but no one likes to talk ill of her because she passed- but the facts still remain the same

Aaliyah and Brandy got into a fight/disagreement(rumor has it they had to be pulled apart backstage at some event) because of some guy they were both dating- i forget his name but he was an unfortunate looking boy who was in junior mafia

Did you know?... jermaine dupri molested both members of Kriss Kross.

Did you Know?... Missy and Mary J Blige was Secret Lovers!

Did you know?... Pharrell produced SWV "Use Your Heart".

Did you know?... Veronica Webb dated Puffy aka P. Diddy.

Did you know?... Beyonce slept with Chico Debarge at 16 years old.

Did you know?... Reggie Miller dated Jennifer Lopez.

Did you know?... Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra had threesomes, with men and women.

Did you know?... Donnie Simpson dumped his wife for Tyler Collins.

Did you know?... Michael Jordan dated Tracey Edmonds.

Did you know?... Madonna dated Michael Jackson, Tupac and DeVante Swing.

Did you know?... Andre Harrell turned Puffy Daddy aka P. Diddy out.

Did you know?... Toni Braxton and Chilli got in to a blowout in the LaFace office.

Did you Know?... Babyface needs to take a bath.

Did you know?... Busta Rhymes first born died.

Did you know?...Pepa will beat a b**** over Treach.

Did you know?... Aaliyah was pregnant by R.Kelly but, He made her get abortion.

Did you know?... Big Pun wife was a slut!

Did you know?... Lil Wayne tried to get with Brandy.

Did you know?... Madelyne Woods dated Suge Knight.

Did you know?...Sherry Carter had a thing for DeVante of Jodeci.

Did you Know?... Jay-Z dated T-Boz

Did you know?... Usher dated Moncia and Brandy at the same time.

Did you know?... Queen latifah, Lady of Rage and Jada Pinkett had a threesome.

Do you know?...KRS One slept with Scott la rock wife.

Do you know?... DeVante Swing is the big reason why Jodeci broken up in the first place?

Premier produced tracks on Lord Finesse's Funky Technician.

Mos Def was part of a group called Urban Thermo Dynamics.

Bahamadia was part of the Gang Starr Foundation.

Jeru the Damaja had beef with The Fugees.

Pete Rock plays in the NBA for the Seattle SuperSonics

MF Grimm was the first child to ever ride Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street.

Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with
machetes looking to behead MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went ****ty. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.

Did you know?.... Mary J Blige and Grand Puba dated before?

Do you know?... That Mary J Blige and R.Kelly are both bisexual!

Do you know?.. that Pepa beat Mary J Blige and Arnelle Simpson over Treach.

michael jordan and vannesa williams were on the low and rick fox was suppose to be their cover but rick and vanessa ended up falling for each other

Wanya was poking brandy way before she was of age and he cheated on brandy with adina howard-left eye was also interested in him, i did hear something happened there but i dont believe that

Big Pun and Fat Joe Jump Jay-Z at a club

Coko was pergnant by Garfield once, but he made get abortion.

DL NBA Players.....
Magic Johnson

Reggie Miller
Dennis Rodman
Dikembe Mutombo
Tim Hardaway
David Robinson
Charles Barkley
Rod Strickland
Karl Malone
Scottie Pippen
Alonzo Mourning

Reakwon and Biggie got in to fight

Biggie and his people beat the dudes up from Smif-

Q-tip f***** Jenet

K-Ci and DeVante are both women beaters and Deadbeat Dads.

Aaliyah was a young industry Slut!!

Do you know?...Suge Knight loves D*** too!

Did you know that?... Will Smith ex wife Sheree caught him in bed with Benny Medina and that's the real reason why they divorce.

Did you know that?.. Case is the real reason behind Mary J Blige song "Your Child" after hiding the fact he has a child, Mary apparently broke up with him after that.

Did you know that?... know that Monica had a child when she was 13-14. I believe '93 or '94. A teen magazine exposed it back then, but her fixers have done a hell of a job hiding it from mainstream. I've been around her several times, and this woman has such a nasty attitude, and curses like a sailor. She will curse your ass out in a minute.

Did you know?... T-Boz beat Mary's behind on tour around 92 or 93 over K-Ci

Did you also know?.. That Faith Evans slept with Q from 112,while her and B.I.G. were separated.
Did you know?.. that Tichina Arnold had a long-term Relationship with Tisha Campbell and MC Lyte.
Did you know Uncle Carl from Family Matters and Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince are gay!?

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alrighty then.

Justice SaysU said:
Q-tip f***** Janet-I think they were really good well thinking they may have messed around
Did you know?... T-Boz beat Mary's behind on tour around 92 or 93 over K-Ci
This is inaccurate. Everybody knows that from 1992-1997 Mary J Blige was dating K-Ci [while Case came in the pic in 1996/and Nas came in the pic sometime in 1997]. I've also heard this the other way around that Mary beat down T-Boz on the tour, but the truth is that Mary beat down one of TLC's dancers who was to have been messing with K-Ci on that tour.
I wonder does shyt like this go down anymore. i doubt it b/c the internet camera phones and blogs all up in folks business. the 90s were the best!! Ashely do u work in the industry? and i dont believe destiny's child were loose. but the aaliyah thing i heard things before.
so did monica have the child or did she have an abortion?
I'm sure hookups still go on it's just everything is still sooooooooo secretive and i beleive that destinys child was loose lol

Dub_B said:
I wonder does shyt like this go down anymore. i doubt it b/c the internet camera phones and blogs all up in folks business. the 90s were the best!! Ashely do u work in the industry? and i dont believe destiny's child were loose. but the aaliyah thing i heard things before.
I get so sick of people trying to make Pun's wife the villain. He pistol whipped the b***ch for crying out loud. THERE IS NO D*** IN THE WORLD WORTH THAT!!!!! Pun was an abusive bastard..........just say that then
I have family in the industry, and godparents that are in fashion and one used to style a lot of urban artists and also sold and loaned gear to others stylists. Girl, Destiny's Child and a lot of other girls' groups get down. Again, I don't think any less of them, but they were always around men. Rappers, dancers, "bodyguards", and Bey's dad wasn't the best guardian, that's one of the reasons her mom was always around.

Dub_B said:
I wonder does shyt like this go down anymore. i doubt it b/c the internet camera phones and blogs all up in folks business. the 90s were the best!! Ashely do u work in the industry? and i dont believe destiny's child were loose. but the aaliyah thing i heard things before.
I believe everything but the DL NBA players- Alonzo Mourning ( You got to prove this to me), Charles Barkley (no! never!), and Scottie Pippen (prove it! prove it! prove!)

BTW- I'm old school and this was the best gossip ever!!!!

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