Well, Im suppose to start this server position at this club soon.  It's just a club, mostly local ballers, so its not an exclusive type club.  The pay is the average waitress min. wage, plus tips.  My sister told me that I won't make any money because ppl don't tip in the club.  I think I should do decent,  I always tip when I go out so I think most ppl do. Just trying to do a little poll and figure out how many ppl actually tip when they go out..we're talking servers, not bartenders.  If you're doing this, how do you get the most tips from guys AND girls or what makes you tip a server??  Any other tips will be greatly appreciated too.

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honestly miss honeycoated,i really dont know. she never has and she never will. she tipped one time in the all the times i have ever eaten out with her, and it was because the service was exceptional, and it was, but that was the first and only.
Honeycoated said:

Why doesnt your mom tip?

lady in red said:

i tip everytime, 20-25%. my mother on the other hand is why people apparently hate to have black people seated in their section.

Always be super nice even if people don't deserve it.  Others might take nOtice if someone is being mean to you and tip you more.  Smile all the time.  Be funny..  I was a server/bartender for hella years and it sure did pay the bills

If its a couple ignore the guy and be super nice tO the woman.  Don't pre judge, even though it can be easy tO stereotype dO your best not to ciz yOu can sometimes find some gOod tippers in places you never thOught.  Hustle hard and you will make gOod money dOesnt matter where you at.  Good luck!!!


the owner says it's basically a hustle.  I havent been to the club in a while so Im not sure what its like now. It used to be the most upscale (lol) place we had, but for the grown ppl.  I think the age is still 21, but the crowd has gotten younger and im thinking younger ppl don't seem to tip. I don't NEED-NEED the money, but I need it.  I figure if I could make a min of an extra 1k a month working weekends, Im fine with that and I don't think I could make more than that  at any other job, besides, I can see and meet those who actually spending money since I don't go out a lot.  I figured its a win-win situation, but I'll see in a few weeks.

The club has a lot of non - Vip seats, tables, and bar tables (I think thats what theyre called) so hopefully ppl will chill at their table and wait for there drinks to come, because the bar is usually so busy. Thank Yall for the tips, they were great and Im definitely going to use them.


MissMidwest said:

You are definitely right @Honeycoated and it really does depend on the place. Lol when I cocktailed I did the same s*** you did and hustled like hell to get to all the people the bartender's couldn't. In the big, exclusive clubs-especially in Vegas, Miami, New York, etc-the cocktail waitresses make the biggest bank. Sadly there's no places like that around me or else I would cocktail!

Honeycoated said:

I was able to make more money as a cocktail waitress because if the bartenders are bombarded with people screaming at them for drinks, I was able to walk up to the person that I saw standing there wanting to get the bartender's attention but couldn't.   Or if the bar was so crowded, some people cant get to the bartender.

It just depends. This one guy told me he was a barback at this one popular place, and when the cocktail server gave him his tip out, she gave him $100. I think you give the barback 10%. So if his 10% was $100 than she made about a G.
MissMidwest said:

I know you're just talking about servers but there's really no money in club waitressing unless you are at an exclusive type club and you're a bottle service waitress. Most people are on their feet and moving around at clubs, so instead of staying in one spot and waiting for a waitress they just go up to the bar when they please. I've worked in the service industry 3 years while going to school and when I first started I found out that when you're serving, you tend to make more money in an atmosphere that you can develop relationships and engage in conversations with your customers. I moved up to bartending quickly and made so much more money because it's higher volume, higher sales, and you don't have to tip out anyone at the end of the night. I think serving is a great start and definitely recommend learning to bartend and eventually switching to that when you're comfortable. Good luck! :)

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