So recently me and my homegirls were in New York and my home girl works for this Adidas store in New York. So anyways she called me up like "Ay girl you know red and Meth gonna be here for promotion for their new album blackout 2 right?" I’m like for real. I’m down. I was always a big fan of method man back to his wu tang clan days. I always thought Red was a hottie to but wasn't so fond of him like I was of Meth. I was like 14 back when they did how high I believe was in like 2000 and thought they both were sexy and I had never met any one of them so I was very excited. On the way there I was just thinking damn 9 years ago I was a young tween watching these brothas on the movie screen. Now I’m a grown ass women seeing my teen hood crushes in person. So we get to the place and Meth and Red talking to some online web hip hop interviewer and I’m just staring mouth wide open on how fine these n*ggas was in person. Meth was tall with an athletic built. Red was looking right to but Im not really to big on yellow n*ggas but Red had me wide open. So we drinking long island tea and just having a good time with the crowd so my home girl comes beside me like they done with their interview you want to meet them? So I go over there and they get to talking to me and my girls like they’ve known us for years. Meth and Red was really impressed on my knowledge of hip hop. Meth was also very humble but he still had his goofy ways while Redman on the other side was just as bright as the sun. But Meth was turning me on with his raspy voice. And his manly rough laugh. I really wanted to f*** him. He kept on talking about my nose turning red (I’m a light skin black chick.). His goofy ass thought that was the funniest sh*t ever. Him and Red was just buggin out over it. So the interviewer wanted a one on one convo with Meth so he told us he would holla at us later and gave me and the girls I was with hugs. My knees were weak after I felt his touch. His chest was also broad I didn't want to let his fine ass go. He smelt like money weed and some type of bomb ass cologne. His smell was still on my shirt even afterwards. So anyways, Redman pulled me to the side and asked how old was I. I told him I was 24 and I asked for his age. He told me to guess and I said at least 32. But nope his sexy ass was 39! We couldn't really talk because these b*tches kept asking for pics autographs and hugs which was p****** me off, but we did have at least a good 20 min convo which was very interesting. He had such an interesting character. So we talked until his interview time came. Red was the most down the earth person ever. And he has the cutest smile. And dimples you would die for. So we talked and his time came for the interview. We hugged and exchanged numbers and that was the end of that. A few days had past and I wasn't really bugging he hadn't called because I knew he probably was busy and probably forgot about my ass. Wrong!!! He called about a day later and told me he wanted to chill since he was back in the city for another promotion thing. I was staying in a hotel at the time because I’m not originally from New York so I told him what hotel I was in and he came like an hour or so later in a camero (I saw the keys on his key chain when he left them on the table). He called like I’m down stairs and I was really tired so I told him he can just come up and just chill with me. We sat talked and watched "Napoleon Dynamite" which he thought was the funniest sh*t ever. Not to mention this n*gga had a ziploc bag filled with weed. So of course he was higher then a damn star. He really started to get comfortable so he ask did I mind if he kick back and take his timbs off. I said it was cool. He also took off his smokey gray polo shirt. His arms were a bit muscular in his beater. he also had a tattoo on his arm that was extremely sexy. As he watched the movie and laughed I was just gazing at the side of his face he was just too damn cute. He reminded me of a teenager though for some odd reason. Just watching him from the side laughing with his eyes low my p*ssy got wet. He also had me laughing hard as hell because out the blue he kept yelling "SCOOB DOO" and he would like laugh after it. This n*gga was beyond blowed. But to speed sh*t up he started turning me on I was the one who actually came to him. Out the blue I straddled him and just started kissing him all over. I guess he wanted the s*** as bad as I did because he was like "Aw you a rough one huh". He had the softest lips and he was like a pro at kissing. I’m a petite chick so he easily scooped me up by my ass and made his way over to the bed. He laid me down and I began to undress and he made his way down. He was like "let me taste you girl I just wanna taste your fine mothaf*ckin ass." So I’m thinking he about to eat my p*ssy this n*gga went straight to my feet. Red has a thing for women with nice feet. He kept on saying how sexy small and lick-able my feet was looking. And man can he suck a damn toe. He was licking my s*** like a popsicle on a hot sunny day. He sucked them toes so good I had an orgasm. I was feeling crazed and told him I need him now and he immediately got to business. And man was I surprised. Red had a big ass fat d*ck. That n*gga was just hung. It wasn't light skin like him though his d*ck was like a bit dark and he had a bush which I thought was to sexy. (No women want a bald ass d***) When he inserted it inside I thought I died and came back again I held on onto his shoulder bit and scratched him (he was turned on by that). As he buried his head in the crook of my neck. He was licking and sucking the sh*t outta my neck. This n*gga knows how to work his tongue. He loves to just slobber and kiss all over you and s*** and suck and nibble your nipples and boobs. Red is an ultimate freak. He knows how to work his sh*t and he worked it for a good damn 5 hours, like the whole damn night. He kept on saying "damn your s*** is tight. Either you ain’t been f*cked in awhile, you a virgin, or you use some good ass vinegar. But I know yo ass ain’t no virgin. By the way u was eyeing the crotch of my jeans let me know that" He also likes when a girl rides him. He was puffing a blunt with one hand and gripping the side of my hip with the other hand. The whole time I was riding him I was moaning out in pleasure with my eyes close. I squinted my eyes to see his facial expression and he had like some high smile on his face. Eyes bent midway low. He was just so sexy. I rode him the best I could for at least 30 minutes. I was in so much pain but pleasure. He had me in all sorts of positions just pounding my s***. He also loves to talk s***. When he was hitting it from the back he kept on saying "throw that f*cking pretty ass p*ssy back at me girl. " And "SCOOOBYDOO." (He just so damn goofy). He also kept saying. "With your sexy f*cking ass." (Anything with the word f*** or just f*ck itself seems to be his favorite word because I could've sworn he said it over a thousand times from when he came till he left) we would f*ck for like an hour then he would stop for a weed session. Then continue for about another hour or two. For the most part he funny as hell and told me he was glad my p*ssy didn't smell like death. He said he almost f*cked a girl who p**** smelt like "What and the f*ck" and never again would he judge a chicks feet before her p*ssy. He had me laughing to the point I was crying he was just so damn funny. Like he wouldn't even say or do anything funny you can just look at his ass and just die out laughing. He would make the most priceless "what the f*ck" faces. But I was really surprised he didn't ask for a d*ck suck but I guess he thought I was gonna want the same favor. So instead after we had our fantastic night we just sat up in bed as I just laid on his chest and stroked and fondled with his d*** (it was a nice size even on soft) while he smoked some weed and watched Good times. (N*gga knew almost every damn word Jay-Jay and Michael said. He really thought Good Times was sharp.) We still kept in touch till this day but nothing sexually. He always calls me to see how I’m doing if not call he would always send me a text just checking up on me. He always told me to hit him up if I ever wanted to have dinner or jus chill out but I’m always busy with work so I hardly have any time. But I would rate this dude a f*cking a billion. He has the coolest personality ever. I felt like I've known him for years, that's just how comfortable I felt around him. I even screamed out I loved him as he hitting it from the back. After I screamed out -I loved him- he kept saying "WHO the f*ck you love??" And to be real I really did find my self having love for him. Red will always be my boo. That is my f*cking baby for life. Even though he pushing 40 this n*gga look and can f*ck like he turning 30. I know I can't just have him for my self because n*ggas gonna be n*ggas and f*** a different p**** now and then regardless. And on Red’s behalf if your feet are looking good in those stilletos and your face is looking right, you bound to be his piece (he also got a thing for big women). That's one thing about red he has a lot of women throwing ass at him I peeped that out quick so if you was as lucky as I was to spend such a memorable night with him; yall chicks better not take that sh*t for granted and make sure your toes look flawless because he is quick to say "Nu Uh chick. You get’s no f*cking play from me. Bounce" (laughing because that is some s*** he will say off top) because its most definitely worth it! And these niggas and b****** wonder why my ass like these older niggas.

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Replies to This Discussion a lil mo respect for redman lol yea he seems real cool and down to earth
Red you had to go and kill it with the feet thing. I hate feet
long read...but was good. The scoobydoo mess would have turned me off.
lol woord! your a grown ass man screamin out scooby doo....OOOOH NOOO honey smh

Devyn AKA Dominique Devereaux said:
That Scoob Doo crap would have made me NOT want to have sex with him...WTF?

is it just me or doesn't redman have a girlfriend and two kids? and i thought he said quote "i don't be f***** around with road b******". yeah, right. speaking of girlfriend, who i heard is now his wife. has anyone seen this so called person? what does she look like? does anybody know her, for that matter? is she crazy? she must be crazy to be envolved with some crazy f****** knucklehead like him. is he that good in bed, you stupid b****?(that question is for her, who ever she is, if she reads this.)

well, when he's in town give a cal and maybe he'll f*** you, too. he said he also likes to call women sluts and b****** in bed. do you like that?
desiree said: a lil mo respect for redman lol yea he seems real cool and down to earth

yes, the m*********** is sick. why did that turn you off? you were abviously into it up until that part. what about the part when he yelled out, SCOOBY DOO!!! wasn't that sick? i wonder if he's having a homosexual relationship with his homie Scoob Doo. he seems to like him a lot.
Black_celebutante said:

Red you had to go and kill it with the feet thing. I hate feet

that s*** turned me off, too. the m*********** is sick and gay. i bet he's ass bumping his homie Scoob Doo.
Chrissy123 said:

long read...but was good. The scoobydoo mess would have turned me off.

i told you the m*********** is gay. he's f****** sick. i wonder what his girlfriend would say about that.
NYNaturalBeauty said:

lol woord! your a grown ass man screamin out scooby doo....OOOOH NOOO honey smh

Devyn AKA Dominique Devereaux said:
That Scoob Doo crap would have made me NOT want to have sex with him...WTF?

oh, one more thing. what does "smh" mean?

Dang this Moonrise Youngblood individual crazy than mofo. Either come out say its your nigga or slide on by. Bumpin s*** from 4 years ago to say nothing at 4am in the gad damn mornin. But for real tho are Reds wife lol

yes, that was a long ass letter and that little skank needs to take some speech classes and some spelling classes wouldn't hurt either. really annoying to read.
Chrissy123 said:

long read...but was good. The scoobydoo mess would have turned me off.

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