We all know Kanye popped the question to his girlfriend Alexis a few weeks ago on the Isle of Capri (and supposedly with a 7 ct. rock). And People magazine reported that this is his long time girlfriend he had before Brooke Crittenden (the chick he took to this years' Grammys who works at MTV ). Before he gave Brooke the wifey role, a lot more went down than Kanye is letting anybody know about. You know SOHH Fab's got you covered on that inside info though...

People magazine led others to get the story all wrong. Contrary to word on the street, Alexis is not the girl he raps on "Through The Wire" about or the chick he brought on Oprah a couple years back. Basically, she's not that ride or die chick eveybody's been praising him for finally locking down. Check this letter from one of SOHH's sources (whose name we're keeping under wraps) out in Chicago:

Hello Everyone,

I'm a friend of Kanye's ex girlfriend and I work with her and the girl Alexis he claims he's been knowing
for years and claims to have been through all the b******* (accident) with him is not the same girl.

The ex girlfriend that everybody thinks is Mr. Rainey's daughter is not Alexis, her name is Sumeke
Rainey. She has been getting calls congratulating her on the engagment and this is not the same girl,
Sukmeke was the one who was with him for 7 yrs and they seperated in the process of him reaching his
fame. She is featured on his first album and has publishing credits to prove it. She wants to clarify
that its not her who he is engaged to, Alexis maybe the newest chick and maybe he doesnt want to seem like
he falls in love fast but she is definitely not the ex-girlfriend that was there before the accident and
first album.

I'm a hip hop journalist from Chicago being that she is one of my friends, I feel this should be clarified,
I don't want to prohibit my opportunities for writing by saying this. However if you want to directly find
out, I can arrange that.

And I also heard from another source very close to Alexis that 'Ye was actually on the low (but never made her his girl) with her throughout most of his relationship with the supposed original chick Sumeke Rainey. Ms. Rainey was with Kanye for years and he gave her credit on his album cover on College Dropout. Supposedly she actually inspired a lot of the hits he made for other rap artists and 1 big hit in particular was Hov's “Takeover”. She pointed out the beat and gave 'Ye the concept, he just tweaked it and brought it to life. He even was about to propose to Sumeke until he met Alexis after he moved to LA. Remember the lyics from "Never Let me Down": Nothin' sad as that day my girl father passed away/ So I promise to Mr. Rainey, I'm gonna marry your daughter? Yeah, not the same chick as ALexis. But some people are saying Ms. Rainey isn't even the original chick, there was actually someone else.

Kanye wasn't a household name yet when he moved to LA and met Alexis a while back and was impressed by her having her own money, crib, and own business (she owns a clothing boutique in LA). He got with Alexis on the low and even had balls enough to give her credits on the album right next to his main chick. He broke up with both women cuz he was gettin' groupie love from all kinds of chicks for a while. Yeah, he even put all his business in his music too. Apparently this Alexis chick was married to NFLer Roman Phiefer for a minute and now has a 10 year old son with him. So why is Kanye in a serious ass rush to marry this chick less than 2 months after he broke up with Brooke--AND after he only kicked it with her on the low? I do know that people are speculating it's a cover up for his down low sexual preferences. Y'all know the damn deal. And others are saying it's because he got her pregnant. Regardless, something aint right here, but to each his own.