The guy behind Yandy in the photo is her baby daddy Mandisi prounced Mandeecee. As fine as he is he going to jail real soon. He is a mad ill nigga. Yandy's baby will be an Irish twin. If that ain't dirty enough Mandisi had another girlfriend and she had a daughter that he helped raised for almost six years. He even help pay for the house they're living in.Mandisi old girlfriend found sexually text messages of Mandisi and her daughter when her daughter was just 15 at the time suggesting that they were f******. She filed charges so that is why Yandy is not happy to share her joy with the world. She is pregnant by a damn child molester. She is mad thirsty!

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Comin' Up said:

Looooonnnnggg time lurker coming out of hiding. I mostly LOVE the antics of this board, but some of this sh*t cray.


It's NOT about THIS ONE man (he just happens to be the vehicle) but the general  mindset about molestation/rape between a grown man and a minor.


A GIRL'S body  (and even sexual awareness/desire) developing does not mean her brain has caught up to making sound decisions. The frontal cortex (responsible for decision-making) isn't even FULLY FORMED until the 20s.


Under ZERO circumstances can a grown man and a minor be equally responsible in a sexual relationship. Maybe she has low self-esteem, maybe she confuses biology (physical desire) with emotions. HE (whomever the GROWN MAN is) should be old enough to know sex with a minor is WRONG regardless of why she "gets down." Predators prey though. 


Let's just say a girl is a hoeing ass liar a la Megan Good's character in Eve's Bayou...while she's a minor, she needs HELP (from parents or SOME damn body) not sex (with a predator).


I was lucky and dodged all sorts of bullets growing up. I also run a program for young women and EVERYDAY I see the areas where they think they have it figured out, but still need to grow.


Where's the compassion button in *cough* some of us???



Where is nalaLOVE?

oh my word!


OMG - this is some bull!  Poor girl

Any updates???


Yeah, still waiting on that proof. What's going on? Is it not true like we said? I mean c'mon it should be public record now, no one is going to post the charges and the verdict?

All we need is his govt & we can google it...

Mandisis Harris


At least that what the blogs have.

JustMe said:

All we need is his govt & we can google it...

Whoa. Just read a lot of the comments posted here.  Some of you are really sick...Not talking about condemning this dude Mandisis but referring to the blanket statements about child molestation.  A child can be at fault OR consent to sex with a grown ass man???  

First of all, that blaming the child excuse is so tired.  Grown women get "got" by a cute, smooth nigga with a slick tongue and yall expect a 13 year old to always walk away?  

BUMP -- Just in time for Love&HipHop NY... Each time I see Mandisi I get so embarrassed to say I'm attracted to him... just because of this post!! Did anyone get more tea about this?

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