The Long Island mother of Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher told investigators her son argued with his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins over their baby’s paternity before he shot her dead and killed himself, The Post has learned. Cheryl Shepherd — who was in her son’s suburban Missouri home the morning he shot Perkins nine times — told investigators after the shootings that there were questions about whether the West Babylon, LI-raised linebacker was the father of the couple’s 3-month-old daughter, Zoey, said sources familiar with the situation.
“The mother believed that there was an issue over whether [Belcher] was the father,” said a source close to the Chiefs with knowledge of the situation.
“She said he [believed he] wasn’t necessarily the father of the child.”
A Kansas City law-enforcement source confirmed, “She told [police] there was a question about the paternity.”
It’s unclear if the paternity issue was the reason for the final, violent end of the troubled relationship between Belcher, 25, and Perkins, 22.
“But the implication was that [paternity] was what the two of them were fighting about — that the baby might not have been his,” a source said.

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Why would she bring that up. Even if it were true, her son and the mother of the child are gone. What if (and idk if they can do this) but what if the NFL said, well lets test the baby, if she's not his she can't be a beneficiary? Then what? Is she trying to save her son's name? Still isn't going to change what happened.

I saw this earlier...I was thinking the same thing.

And if it wasn't his what would that mean? That him shooting her was OK? B**** sit down some where!

Yea...I am confused as to the reason for this statement. Sounds like things are about to get messy tho. Whatever the case, that young lady lost her life at the hands of a crazy man. I hope the NFL honors the child as beneficiary.

If I was in her position, I would definitely want to know if the child was really my grand so I would make sure she got tested.  

She's out of her mind for telling this to the press though.  Pointing fingers isn't going to change anything.  Even if she was an adulterer, he is a murderer. 

she wants the child to be disqualified as beneficiary that way all his money goes to her..if thats not her plan releasing this is pointless. 

If this is the case, this is just WAY more sad than it already was smh.

Bonita said:

she wants the child to be disqualified as beneficiary that way all his money goes to her..if thats not her plan releasing this is pointless. 

The more the mama talk, the more he sound like a mama's boy coward. The worst kind of dude....RIP to them though.

I think whenever something happens everyone wants to know why? Why did he/she do what they did especially when they commit suicide.  She's just telling what everyone wants to know (IMO)

I think she told the police this information then, but it's just coming out.  The beneficiary is whoever he designated to b the beneficiary.  If he put that baby's name down and its not his- the baby will still be the beneficiary and the same goes with the mom - if her name is down she's the beneficiary regardless if the baby is his or not. (unless they take it to court and have a drawn out court battle where no one wins). 



The money goes to the child unless there was a clause in the document in the realm of "contingent upon said test , blah"

Sooooo, what are you trying to say? That she was in love with someone else and that the baby might not be his?

BabyBallerCheeks said:

I meant to tell you guys the truth but I had to wait until more people knew about it (if my source knew I was telling I would be in BIG trouble). Kassandra met Jovan through her cousin who is married to another Chief's player. Since her cousin was married to a player she knew most of the players on the team. Anyway, before she dated Jovan she dated another Chief's player. Jovan knew about

In most cases you can't, but since this is football and they have illnesses like post traumatic stress disorder, they might still release funds after a suicide. A lot of older footballers are mentally ill and kill themselves. 


I knew it wasn't mental, he was just PO'd. He gets his nuts in a knot when she's with someone else but it's ok for him? How does he think she feels after giving birth not even 3 weeks yet and he's messing around. SMH

SN: can you collect insurance if it's suicide and not accidental death?

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