Homewreckers beware! They ain't playing with y'all in some states. And this a****** of a husband ought to have been ashamed of himself for leaving his 60 year old wife, which means he is probably older.  I wonder how old the mistress is. The article doesn't say.



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its not about the 9 million...

Sunshine Holloway said:
Wow! That is some BS, evenif she did know 9Mil? Who does that? I mean if she did shame on her! But 9Mil? Wow he needs his @$$ whoop for that! I hope it was worth it!
Wow...the things some people say re: cheating...and the overall nonchalance towards sacred unions...

I have a close family member, right now....dating a married man whose wife is sick with cancer and I can't even begin to tell you how disgusted I am every time she says something like "That ain't got nothing to do with me..." Damn shame.
My point is.....If the spouse is not out there having sex with other ppl there would be nothing to sue over. But they are pulling down their pants and bumping uglies....and instead of holding him responsible you go after the person he willingly had sex, outside your marriage, with? Whether the other woman knew or not that seems irrelevant to me. Your problem is with your spouse!! I'm saying If they did NOT have sex what would you have? And in the case where you know your spouse was heavily pursued by someone that knew they were married that's a different story. You know the real reason men cheat??? Cause we let them!I! we (as a nation, species, race, culture, etc) turn the other cheek until we are ready to see, blame the other ppl for not being socially responsible and "feeding the zoo animals", and after they do the damn thing we attack the person who helped make it possible. NO WOMAN CAN BE WITH ANY OTHER WOMAN'S HUSBAND IF HE SAYS "NO" and vice versa...

I say the punishment for cheating should be cutting off a testicle.....lol for some reason I dont think that will stop them either tho.

And just as women are supposed to know and do all kinds of stalkerish research on men they are interested in women should follow their husbands around so they know when they husbands are about to cheat. they are supposed to pay attention to the signs that he might be being unfaithful and they should intercept it before anything happens......lol *rolling eyes at this sillyness*

JustMe said:
girl please!!! you are being silly... I am not trying to be hateful or anything but lets be real... unless you sew your eyes shut you are always going to find other people sexy and attractive. I am flabbergasted that you consider a man cheating on his wife as him simply wanting to "spend time with someone else" girl please...

Like I said before, we are our own biggest enemy!!! Women vs. Women aint got nothing on any other "fight" in the world... we sit around and say stupid stuff like "married men just like me" , "we couldn't help it, we just fell in love" blah, blah, blah... all that crap is just plain ignorant... you can help falling in love with someone else... its real simple, spend time with your WIFE/HUSBAND!!!! Your penis gets hard, and you want it soft... SCREW YOUR WIFE, or JACK OFF; don't stick it in someone else!!!!! Ladies, why oh why do you want another woman's penis in your mouth??? Child please!!!

I find it so hilarious that we can find post after post after post on how men are STUPID and CLUELESS... but as soon as the subject comes up about men cheating, we all of a sudden claim they are rocket scientists!!! I call bullcrap!!! Some guys are slick, but the smartest man I know aint got nothing on plenty of basic chicks... Women are the MASTER of finding out what men don't want known!!!

In the scheme of things is every females PLACE to learn all that you can about a man before you gap your legs open and take all of his business inside of you!!! Before you even are alone with him, you need to google his tail, see what you can find out... Marriage & divorce records are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD!!! Ask questions, whatever he doesn't openly tell you, or when he answers a question hesitantly, those should be clues to you that 'he's hiding something"... FOLLOW YOUR GUT!!!!!!! Quit always playing the darn victim!!!

And yall sitting here whining about wives being able to sue mistresses over $$$, well this is really gonna break your backs: there are still laws in PLENTY of states that make adultery punishable by IMPRISONMENT!!!!! So put the right combo of lawyer & scorned wife together and Basic Chick YOU HAVE A PROMBLEM!!!! Cause you could not only end up paying the woman to live "happily ever after" with her husband, but you & your "man" could both be doing it from behind a jail cell!!!
The wife is doing the morning show circuit and she said she was introduced to this heffer. So this chick knew he was married. Yeah...the wife should have sued the bricks off her. And the jury picked the award amount of $9M so there are probably a few more extenuating circumstances that have not been reported in the news.

So homewreckers beware. A beatdown is one thing but having to declare bankruptcy becuz us effed w/ the wrong woman's husband is not the biz. smh

Ciela-Grace said:
If ur the wife then u damn right u want compensation while u at home cleaning and cooking -runnin round with his big'ead children and this hoe is enjoying the spoils of UR LABOR then hell yeah call her lawyer 1.800.sueahoe
she shud sue him too as a matter of fact damn p***** me off!

if ur the ho that didnt know he was married well there u go thats ur defense *kanye shrug
Appaently there are some chicks that are into married men that don't want to accept their part in the b*******. A man is as faithful as his options... STOP MAKING YOURSELF an OPTION to MARRIED MEN and you have nothing to worry about...
I agree with that and think they deserve whatever comes their way as a result because they knowingly put themselves in that situation.

Siren said:
Appaently there are some chicks that are into married men that don't want to accept their part in the b*******. A man is as faithful as his options... STOP MAKING YOURSELF an OPTION to MARRIED MEN and you have nothing to worry about...
ONLY 7 states have this Law at this time...I'm sure it'll expand Nationwide...Cheating has become an epidemic...They had to do something but damn why this???
If you look into the cases where this Law actually paid off...the Mistress knew of the Wife & didn't care...Very rarely does the innocent victim get hit w/this law...TIGER lives in Florida for a reason as does Shaq...as well as Koby living in Cali...In these states they are safe to play on all playgrounds...Knowing or not?!
The sanction of Marriage has to be a protected union and if not by the Spouse then damn straight by the LAW!!
I Love this Law...Sue them hoes...I will hand out the Pamphelets...Good for the Wife!!! Woooo hoooooo!
I Love this Law...Sue them hoes...I will hand out the Pamphelets...Good for the Wife!!! Woooo hoooooo!
I wonder If Siovaughn can sue Gabbie....hmmmmm

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