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MICHAEL VICK: They Can't Take it Away From You...Can They?

Everyone has weighed in on the Michael Vick situation it seems. I’ve read almost every article since Vick’s release from Federal custody. Many have taken one of the following two sides. Some feel that Vick has already been punished enough after spending 23 months in jail and two on house arrest and believe that the NFL and Roger Goodell should reinstate him immediately allowing him to finish out what’s left of what used to be a promising career.… Continue

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Pic created by Rue Thanks for letting me use it!

Because damnit he's prettiful! Will Demps isn't currently signed with any team but is listed as a current free agent in the NFL. In 2002 he was an undrafted free agent who signed with the Baltimore Ravens (2002-2005). During his…

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Remember him? The dumbass that shot himself with a gun in a nightclub? Funny thing..he was spotted in Miami this weekend riding around in a Maybach from club to club. I don't know if he went inside of one.

Looks like he might be doing one year in jail for his dumb act.

NEW YORK -- Manhattan's district attorney says he wants Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress to serve time in prison, the New York Post has…

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The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -16 – Closure (Completed!)

LL - Hi ladies - thanks for waiting all weekend for me to finish this! Hope you enjoy!

Kay picked up her cell and dialled the number. She’d been thinking about Frank for the past week and decided to ask his counsellor how her ex was doing in the therapy sessions. Kay figured she may as well check up on Frank, since she was the one bank-rolling his path to being free of his destructive addictions. Stephen Price-Matthews was…

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The anticipation is high for Jay Z's BluePrint III set to release on 9/11. Could this be a classic? We shall see. Until then our ears have been blessed with yet another track from the forthcoming release. Run This Town, featuring Rihanna & Kanye isn't by far Jigga's best, but it does the job in keeping the masses talking. Its almost safe to say that with Rihanna having both Jay-Z & Kanye in her corner her… Continue

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It was a busy night all across the globe last night. Ballers and groupies were getting their groove on. Check out pictures from Lil Kim's Birthday celebration at Mansion nightclub in Miami. Michelle Williams also celebrated her 29th birthday with Jay-Z in London. Kelly Rowland hosted TAO in Las Vegas. Also Free was seen at a Saks event. Many more...check them out.…


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Top 10 Closet Must-Haves


Kelly, Oprah's show stylist, reveals the top 10 classic items every woman should have in her closet. Use these key pieces to build your wardrobe, and you'll have a closet full of outfits that are always in style.

1. A Crisp White Shirt

The perfect white shirt can take you anywhere. Try Brooks Brothers no-iron cotton shirt (BrooksBrothers.com ).

2. Black Pencil…

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Most lucrative college degrees

Hint: Grab a pencil, calculator, protractor ... or a drill. Engineering majors snag most of the top spots.

By Julianne Pepitone, CNNMoney.com contributing writer

July 24, 2009: 4:39 AM ET

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Math majors don't always get much respect on college campuses, but fat post-grad wallets should be enough to give them a boost.

The top 15 highest-earning college degrees all have one thing in common -- math skills. That's according to a recent survey… Continue

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Ladies Ladies Ladies (and a few gentlemen). In the world of "ballers" they must be fierce as at times. Let's play Baller Alert's own Hit or Miss. It's the battle of fashion. We want you to decide. (Please consider hair, makeup, and clothes.) Please do not answer with a simple hit or miss. Please tell us why you voted that way.

Next up: Kirsten Dunst

Was this outfit a hit or… Continue

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A nightclub is a place where people go to meet people. Even though it's not the best place to meet because you will be judge...a lot of people do it. If you can go out and party with your mate you have something special.

Anyway...Carmelo and Lala hit up Luckie lounge in Atlanta last night to party. Luckie Lounge happens every Wednesday. It's always ballers there just in case you are wondering..lol

Check out some of the… Continue

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Superhead has been promoting her new "how to" book. She has been getting some major press. She was recently on the CW Morning Show and turned on her other personality acting like her claim to fame wasn't sucking dinga. She acts like the interviewee was saying something wrong about her learning these things on her voyage to screw every entertainer.

Did I miss something? It's almost like she has multiple personalities.

I still don't know who… Continue

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LADY LYNXX UPDATES!: My Daddy's money - The story of a gold-digger! Read Chapters 1 and 2 here....

This novel is completed! Looking for an agent....

LL- This novel is now complete and I am currently in the process of querying agents for representation. WATCH THIS SPACE! I will update this blog with my progress as and when.

Final draft of the first two chapters below! Enjoy....

Chapter 1

February 2005

Amaya Summer had it all. The worst thing was that she knew it. Waking up in…

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Ok.. Im always reading dat sum1 has been lurking the site for weeks n finally want 2 come out of hiding.WDF are u lurking for? Half the people dat say dey r lurking dont have up real photos n prolly have fake information on their page ....EITHER U COMMENT OR U DONT,U READ OR U WONT,MAKE A BLOG,CONVERSE WIT PEOPLE ETC...Wen people lurk dey r lookin for information ,bein nosey, think they are a P.I. ..n I hope if dat is the case dat yo ass wouldnt put urself on blast..LURKERS STAY LURKERS!!! Well… Continue

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INTERCEPTED: The Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault "Situation"

So it's now been two days since news broke that Ben Roethlisberger was named in a sexual assault civil lawsuit. For some reason, I'm wondering where's the 24 hour scandal cycle that commences anytime any…

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Looks are definitely deceiving when it comes to Teyana Taylor. She's atypical in a sense there's really no way to classify her. If there were ever such a word to describe her simply stated would be different, however, in the scheme of things what would characterize one as being different? She's been set to release her debut From a Planet Called Harlem for some time now, however, due to leaked tracks such as Color Me… Continue

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#youmightbeagroupie - Trending topics are becoming very popular on twitter. One started called you might be a groupie...

Because of the genre of this site I have to post these. These come from various of twitters

You might be a groupie if:

#youmightbeagroupie if u stand by the VIP all nite waiting for someome to let u… Continue

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Tales from an Industry Insider is an anonymous source. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


3. Stop being so Damn Needy

Ladies there's a difference between a guy helping you out/breaking you off from time to time and prostitution...

If a guy is of a certain financial stature then yeah he should pick up the check at dinner, or fly you out to see… Continue

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Royale Dairy - entry #1

emo.bmpI been wanting to tell my life story for a while I love this site and I figure why not create a alias and write my life story. dnt worry you would never figure out who i am. No im not famous but I do have a page on here already. well enjoy !!!!!

MAn I really dnt wanna be at this stupid school its my senior year in high school and I… Continue

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Step Up your Culinary Game for Your Baller: Homemade Pesto Sauce

Ladies, homemade pesto sauce is one of my favorite things to make in the summer and it is very easy! In my opinion homemade pesto sauce tastes better than the mixes & pre bottled stuf they sell in the grocery store especially during this time of year when the ingredients are easy to find! You can use this sauce with any kind of pasta (I am obsessed with angel hair and whole wheat angel hair when I can find it) and any kind of… Continue

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Introducing Mr. BA himself: Mr. Jack Benjamin- Ames :Bonding and Lessons completed!

Almira paced her hotel room. She had just gotten off the phone with Jack and all she could do was think about how she was going to destroy Kay Wilson. She vowed that she would bring that b**** down. She needed to teach her that Jack was hers first and will always be hers when she felt like playing with him. She had gotten the shock of her life when Ishmael gave her the divorce papers. Even after the mind blowing sex she still couldn’t…

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Judge Denies Gawker's Appeal To Reduce $140 Million Verdict In Hulk Hogan Case

Started by Asimplebijou in Talk Ish. Last reply by LemonDropPop 6 hours ago. 1 Reply

A Florida judge has denied #Gawker's appeal for a new trial in the #HulkHogan sex tape case, ABC News reports.Back in March, a jury awarded the former wrestler $115 million in compensatory damages…Continue

The Weeknd & Belly Cancel Their 'Jimmey Kimmel' Performance Because Of Donald Trump

Started by Asimplebijou in Talk Ish on Thursday. 0 Replies

#TheWeeknd and #Canadian rapper/producer Belly reportedly cancelled their "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" performance Wednesday night (May 25) when they found out #DonaldTrump was also going to appear on the…Continue

VH1 Announces The Return Of 'Hip Hop Honors' This Summer

Started by Asimplebijou in Talk Ish on Thursday. 0 Replies

#VH1 is bringing back "Hip Hop Honors" after a six-year hiatus. According to the network, " Hip Hop Honors" will return this summer with a ceremony saluting the "trailblazing first ladies of hip hop.…Continue

LHHATL's Karen King Busted For Identify Fraud

Started by Asimplebijou in Talk Ish on Thursday. 0 Replies

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" newcomer Karen "KK" King was reportedly busted on Monday night (May 23) for committing identity fraud.TMZ reports that police arrested King at Level V in Atlanta after…Continue

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