Exclusive Interview with Basketball Wife Royce Reed - "I Never Said Suzie Was My Friend"

Ever Monday night if you’re like me you tune into the hit VH1 show Basketball Wives because you can’t get enough of the Drama! Season 4 has come back with the original cast including two new members. Last week I caught up with one of my favorite Royce Reed, we discuss some beefs that she had in the past. Her thoughts toward the new cast members, gives the intake on how she has got away from the drama. She discusses her life when the cameras aren’t rolling with all of the many projects she has going on.

Did you know Kesha previous to the show?

I didn't actually. I heard of her I had heard her story
but I didn't really know her. We had mutual friends and people thought I should reach out. I kind of didn't feel it was my place to reach out and be like hey I'm Royce I heard you were stood up lets be friends. I didn't want to come at her like that I felt like if she reached out to me or if see ended up being on the show we would get know each other from there.

The other new edition to the show was Kenya, you didn't know her either. How was it meeting her?

When I first met her I thought that she was pretty decent I couldn't really put my finger on what was off. Me and Kesha hit off we have a lot in common out conversations were comfortable. Kenya it was something that was just weird but I didn't want to judge her based off that. I was kind of like I will need to get to know her. I don't judge people but I did feel like something was off. (Laugh)

You like to keep situations neutral and stay away from drama. Last season you did find yourself to be involved in drama with Jennifer & Evelyn, the drama has switch and now the both of them are at it. Did you ever think you would this?

Yeah, people ask me about that all of the time and I'm always first to say I never thought they were that close of friends. Just because you've know long doesn't mean that they're ate your best friend. I just never thought that they had a bond that they could talk about anything. I always felt it was a competition it was very one sided, you had to follow one opinion (which was Evelyn) you didn't then you weren't her true friend.

Over the summer there was talk that you wouldn't becoming back, was that just a rumor?

Yeah, I did quit and then we negotiated how they were going to play me out because I didn't want to constantly be the girl who had to defend herself. I wanted to show my career something that I do in real life a side from arguing with women. When they argued to do that I decided to go back, I didn't want the show to be so one sided. I didn't want to leave with closing out my story line.

Lots of people who come on the show say that they want to come on and show a different other than just bring a Basketball Player wife or girl. I feel as though you have completed that goal with showing your dancing and acting career...

That's exactly what I wanted I feel like not just for me but for the other women on the show should have fought for that. I don't see it and a side from the drama I feel all of us are doing other things that aren't showcased. They only show what you give them, people blame stuff on editing they can't edit what you don't give them. I will never blame anything on editing if they play it and it came out of mouth them I said it, in what context I say it it is what is.

Last weeks episode Kenya ask you and Kesha to come along and help her with her video. It seemed nice of you guys to offer your help, now the speech Kenya gave toward Kesha how did you feel about it?

They didn't show it but I actually said something to her in reference to what Kesha actually said. I told her the same thing Kesha told her in terms of me putting my 2 cent. I said I'm just going to sit back and watch because I don't know you that well. She ask me to come to the audition they didn't show it but she didn't even know how to run it. I was asking were they filling out paper work? She said no, I'm like don't you need their names and at least a head shot. She was like oh yeah, we basically ran the audition for her because she had no idea what to do. It was only like thirteen people who showed up, as far as having time she did. Kesha told Kenya a long time before that she wouldn't be able to use her dancers. They had discussed money and Kesha was link this is my company , I don't know you to the point to do something for you for free.

I feel it was a nice thing you guys did not knowing her that well.

Yeah and she gave us complete attitude and she tired to throw Kesha under the bus, which didn't make sense. If she would have relayed what we both said it would have been different but she didn't. What she said in her ms. America speech was definitely not the words that came out me or Kesha's mouth.

Watching the show each week after editing what do you think about yourself and cast mates?

It's a blessing that I'm not in things because Eveyln and Shauine refuse to film with me, I think it was a blessing in disguise because of they had been filming with me I would be in the middle of it. Being able to show my real life my family, my man and my career I love that. Like next week episode shows us in North Carolina just having fun not caring about any drama. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

It's about time we see that because always ask the question what are these shows showing young women?

I agree that why I said I will never defend my show as being a bunch of role models or being a positive image for young girls to look up to. Me myself I can't babysit everybody in my cast I'm only responsible for me.
The way that I portray myself from season 1 to now I have grown up s lot. The girls that I work with each Saturday I know how much they look up to me. My mom is a guidance counselor there lots of parents who say I just want say you raised a great daughter, she made her mistake and she learn from them. I can't say that for everybody in my cast though.

Even though you have issues with a few of the ladies you still manage to be friends with Tami and Suzie..

I've never said Suzie was my friend, I deal with Suzie I take her for who she is. I say to Suzie all the time I will never tell you anything. Suzie knows she's not my friend but we cool, we can chill but you will never know anything personally about my life.

This pass weeks episode at your charity event Suzie was a little intoxicated..

A little (Laugh) it was actually worst than what they showed.

What were you thinking?

One Suzie wasn't invited so I don't know why she was there. I was a little upset that she had the nerve to come and then show her ass. I felt maybe she would get some type if knowledge
about what the charity was for. Actually she, Kesha and Kenya ended up begin donors they didn't show that. They also didn't show that I got proclamated by the city if New York. At least they showed what the charity is for and fur Suzie I'm quiet sure she felt a little embarrassed and she will do better. You know better you do better.

Drama comes in to play again at Kesha's charity event, because she was scared if how everyone would behave..

I watched it and said maybe she shouldn't have said it there, but its something that should have definitely been said. Despite you want to sit here and say we know how to act no you don't. I can go back to season two when we're fighting over food stamps or when somebody is so drunk they can't stand up. Basic off the track record it should have been said.

Beside the show we know that you have many different things going on talk about those a little bit…

I was in the play Platanos & Collard Greens and I’m actually going back. I have a lot of appearances. Book one of my series College Girl is out, book two should be out hopefully next month. I have a children series that is coming out. I have a fitness video coming out hopefully the end of this year or next year; along with a energy drink coming out next year. My artist dream take cares of my less to dance foundation which is where we give young girls scholarships after middle school when they want to continue into highschool with dance or cheerleader and they can’t afford it. I still have Fantashique adult company we just came off of some All-Star performances. 

You can follow Royce  on Twitter @roycelr to connect with her and get the latest Mob Wives drama.

Follow me on Twitter @KemistryLuv to find more interviews. 

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Comment by MS. UCAN NEVA GET ENUFF!! on March 21, 2012 at 11:45pm

I wanna know what happened with her and Shaunie.  and Tami is filming more with the others than Royce and thats supposed to be her friend.

Comment by livelife25 on March 22, 2012 at 4:54pm

Good interview; however the spelling errors/typos really stood out.  Like this one:  At least they showed what the charity is for and fur Suzie..." I read that and immediately got a picture of a fur coat in my head.

Comment by Miss Good on April 2, 2012 at 12:01am
What she said abt Evelyn is so true! I noticed tht as soon as Jen didnt agree w/ evelyn, evelyn declared war. But jen wasnt lying abt ocho, he is an attention whore. Hell, a whore all together. I dont understand why shaunie refuses to film w/ royce yet royce is on HER show. The same as laura and gloria being on her show. Anywho im glad theyre giving royce substance. Shes actually one of my favs cus despite it all, she keeps it real


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