Exclusive: Nia (Evelyn's Assistant) Talks Slapping Jen & What REALLY Happened

Last night we got to meet Nia (pronounced Nya) on the latest episode of Basketball Wives. Before her job as Evelyn's assistant, Nia was a good friend of Jennifer Williams. Last night things got heated between the two and resulted in Nia slapping Jen in the face. Many have opinions on how the situation was handled, so we reached out to Nia to get her thoughts on last night. 


BA: Could you explain your previous relationship with Jen? How did you meet, how long did you know each other, how close were you?

Nia:Jen & I met back in 2005 at Evelyn's 30th birthday party. It wasn't until Rahshida (from season 1) was gonna beat Jen's ass that we got really close. Jen gears to rescuers. When that whole thing went down I stood up for Jen. I wouldn't have let anyone put hands on my friend. So I guess seeing how she is now, she took a liking to me because I stood up for her. But that's my core, I'm a loyal friend/female. Anyone that knows me well, knows that about me. Jen & I grew closer & we started hanging out a lot more. I considered her one of my closer friends. She was with me in the hospital, checked on me all the time & we hung out all the time. I introduced her to a lot of my friends & put her on to the club scene. She stayed at my house, regular friend s***.



BA: In true Reality TV fashion, I'm sure scenes are edited. What are some of the things that were said that maybe we didn't see?

Nia:What I wish would have aired was more of Shaunie's dinner. When Eve gave her 2nd speech, she pointed to me & said, Jen this was your girl right here, you don't even f*** with her anymore. Jennifer looked me in my face & turned her head. After I had just spoken to her & kissed her when I entered Phillipe's. Its crazy how s*** gets put in & taken out but maybe the viewers would understand more if they see exactly how s*** played out.



BA: What is the situation with the "keys"? Did you ever get the keys back?

Nia:This key s*** is a funny subject. The thing is, before all of this occurred I tried to get Evelyn & Jen to reconcile their differences & move past that whole "doing interviews" thing. I loved them both. I spoke to Jen & Evelyn separately for like 2 hours. I told both of them at the end of the day, yall have known each other for over a decade & yall started this thing together. No matter what happens during filming or after filming you should never let that s*** come between a true friendship. Evelyn broke down on the phone with me, she was hurt. In this whole reality s*** it can take a toll on you. But Jen is not an apologetic type of person. So she held her ground & said, " I'm soooo busy, I'm traveling to Chicago, I'll call her on Tuesday, if Evelyn has a issue with me she needs to come to me, I don't have an issue with her." Mind you, this convo was on a Thursday. I said, Jen if you can sit on the phone with me this long just yall talk & settle this s***. Filming will start back up soon & it makes no sense for this to break yall apart. I told Jen, Evelyn broke down on the phone with me, your friend needs you, talk to her. Finally, when Jen got around to calling Evelyn, her number was changed, so she panicked. She called me & said, Evelyn changed her number I emailed her & she never replied. I told her when you wait that long to contact someone you consider your best friend, what did you think was gonna happen.



At this time, Jen said well we need to catch up & get lunch maybe & I also have to give you back your keys. I honestly, forgot she even had keys to my apartment. The thing is, I don't mind if my friends stay here. That's friend s***. When her & Eric would go back & forth & Eric held her bentley hostage in Miami or Eric's son (that she hates) was in their Jersey apartment, she would just stay here. Even when she had s*** to do in the City or we went out & she didn't wanna cab it or ferry it back to Jersey. Jen came in & out like her name was on our lease. & I'm not throwing her under the bus or putting her out there but let's be all the way real here. Every human on this planet goes through s*** rich or poor. So if your accounts are frozen & your husband has taken over everything & you walk around living this lavish life & you still want people to think you're rolling in dough by all means a front is put up. I don't have any reason to lie about Jen staying in my apartment. Someone even found her tweet on twitter about her saying she has my keys. Oh & no I never got them back my best friend/roommate Putt changed the locks being that I now live & work in Miami. & believe me I'm not the least bit concerned with her doing something to me or my apartment. My only concern was the new people she's around. I don't know what her new boot lickers are capable of.



BA: You seemed very hurt by the sudden change in Jen's friends. Did you two have a falling out at some point?

Nia: The thing is, hurt is the wrong word to use. I've had my best friends for 20+ years. So Jen exiting my life won't ever hurt me. I was more shocked & confused by her behavior because I never once got into the middle of that situation. All I attempted to do was to mend it. As for the falling out, no  we didn't have one. Her & another friend of mine got into it & Jen & I remained friends. I don't really know what occurred. From what I'm told & what I've seen is that she is looking for fans. She wants rose petals thrown at her feet. In our camp we don't give two f**** about a fake ass status. We don't need whatever level she thinks she's on to get into anything or anywhere. Like no one is higher than the other. I don't care what your tax bracket is. What I've learned tho is Jen identifies with what her status is at that point. Once her accounts freed up she was back on her s*** & we were beneath her. None of that s*** matters to me honestly. But the argument that occurred on camera could have happened off as well. That TV s*** doesn't make or break me. I am completely true to my character. Oh & by the way, I did have a verbal chat with Jen about her new friends. She told me when I called her about Mia that she wasn't friends with her she was just someone that lived near her. I told Jen, Mia & I had history & we are all adults I don't care who you are friends with but as a friend, I'm just giving you a heads up with where I stand with a person that you are becoming cool with.



BA:  How did you meet Evelyn & when did you become her assistant?

Nia:I've known Evelyn for like 8 years now. We met through my other best friend Michele. Their dudes played on the same teams & they got close. So of course we all became close. Evelyn was the first female that I liked out of all the basketball chicks that Michele would bring around us. We rolled the same & our square was complete. Evelyn & Michele were bff's & Putt & I were bff's. Me becoming her assistant happened from my mother & Evelyn's daughter Shaniece (who I call my niece) having a whole discussion about me & me working with Evelyn. The thing is, I have Stage 4 Endomertiosis so a regular 9-5 never really worked for me. I've been sick for 7 years now. I would be in & out of the hospital all the time so assisting was something I could do & still keep my health intact. My bosses understand my illness & are very lenient with me. I also assisted a few other friends prior to me working for Evelyn. I'm really great at what I do so this was a perfect situation for the both of us. In this business, someone close to you is best because all the personal information is shared & you can not just have anyone all in your personal s*** or personal space.



BA: Why did you think Evelyn got so upset when Jen started talking about your financial status & "2 Bedroom Apartment In Harlem"?

Nia: Evelyn is loyal, as am I. It hurt her more for all the negative s*** that Jen had to say. I don't give a f*** what comes out of Jen's stink breath mouth. Those words are not gonna change anything going on in my life. What's funny is, if she felt that way why were you ever even here? Its not like she paid for anything or helped me out. S***, Jen never paid for s***. Either we split dinner bills or drink bills or someone that I introduced her to took care of bills. Since I met Jen that was always a problem. We use to say, fly ass cheap Jen. The one that pretends she's worth 25mill table hops & hangs out with drug dealers to pay for everything. I promise you guys, all that TV s*** yall see is all for tv. And wait, am I missing something? What is wrong with a two bedroom in Harlem? I pay bills just like everyone else. I don't need to live a life style above my means. I love my life & if you know me, sleeping in my two bedroom after I leave the club dancing the night away smiling & enjoying myself makes me complete. Jen slept on my two bedroom sofa many of nights.



BA: How do you feel about your portrayal on the episode?

Nia: Honestly, I really don't care. People are gonna say what they like regardless. I went on television raw & uncut and not caring. This is what upsets people. The way I look, the way I sound, what I did blah blah blah. Walk in my shoes then let's chat. Yet still, you tune in & watch & care that much to comment. So negative or positive, you're still a fan. Who the hell is giving out gavel's by the way? Because Lord God mofos are harsh. But hey, that's to be expected. I love who I am & like I said before, my character will not change regardless of what viewers think. My future awaits me.



BA: Had you gone to the race track with the intention of things getting physical between you and Jen?

Nia:Hell no I did not go on television to slap Jen. Before I entered that suite I had a few cocktails & 30 mins of conversation had already taken place between Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn & I. What viewers don't understand is, the 3 minutes you see was actually like 45mins of filming at the race track. I knew I was gonna address Jen. But me asking her what happened between her & I and her reaction to me, took me by surprise. Let me say this, I'm not out here gang banging threatening people & acting like I will bust everyone's ass. However, please believe, I was not raised no punk & I don't lip box. If you disrespect me, I will react. Whether the cameras were rolling or not, I would have slapped the s*** out of Jen. Jen was real bold with that mouth but she gets like that when she thinks she will be rescued. This was one incident where her rescuing team didn't get to her fast enough. So I had to slap some sense into her ass. I didn't think it would ever go that far but the words coming out her mouth were punching me in my face. As my bestfriend Michele told me, A person who can control their tongue has power over their whole body. No need to run, thank them.



BA: Do you regret slapping her and what was going through your mind at the time?

Nia: I'm not going to lie, I did regret it after it happened. I actually prayed on it. It bothered me that someone I love & someone I know, became someone I use to love & someone I knew. Jen & I had great times together. I had a flash of "I missed her" before my eyes. But that s*** went black when her words were so sharp & she was pretending for the cameras. That whole incident was a lot for me.



BA: Had you and Jen ever had a falling out before?

Nia:I think Jen & I had one little spat prior to this. When she didn't show up to a mutual friends charity event because she went with her celebrity friend to a Knick's game (crickets). At this time, Jennifer thought she was dating Mr. #1. Jen was dating a fake player that she met on facebook posing as the real one. We "knicked" named her "innanety" because she met a dude on the internet & never made sure it was the correct person. So she thought she would be noticed at the game by him (long story). Anywho, I called her out about it & she got smart & I told her, don't let me catch you in these streets. She asked me if I was threatening her we hung up both angry. Then we spoke days later went to lunch & it was over (no relationship is perfect. If you don't have tribulation in every relationship the s**** fake.) I just didn't get how going to a knick game to see a player that you really aren't dating was more important than supporting your friends. But everything with that chick is a photo opp or an interview.



BA: Jen kept saying "Why are you here?", is it uncommon for you to be around Evelyn?

Nia: The reason why Jen said that s*** is because of what I said, about niggas done ran through you. How are you holier than thou? You walk a straight line & are so busy with this whole fake life you live. Jen plays this role that she just started dating & she's new to it all, yada yada. B**** please... You have had your share of d*** receiving & d*** sucking just like everyone else. I've checked Jen into a hotel to skeet a dude, during her marriage. Let that princess mother of pearl s*** fool you all you want. Jen gets it in... Me being with Evelyn & around Evelyn is normal. When I would go to Miami I either stayed with Evelyn or 1 time I stayed at Jen's apartment. The s*** is as common as a females monthly.



BA:  How do you comment to those saying that you're stirring up drama to get a permanent spot on Basketball Wives?

Nia:First off I don't want a role on the show. I tried to defuse that whole s*** but Jen is so far gone now we can't get her back. Jennifer Kardashian... I will never in my life surround myself with a bunch of 'yes' men. The only person I think she has around her that will open up a can of whip ass on her is Mia. It will be but so much Jen can say or do before she puts her in her place. So that drama s*** I could care less what people think. The funny thing is perception is everything in a reality show based world. You would think a real story is told but all of the stories have holes. So with that being said, I'll just have to deal with the heat I'm getting for this.



BA:  Other than being Evelyn's assistant, what else do you do?

Nia: I'm also Evelyn's event booker, I'm an event planner, & I'm a writer. Oh & some would say I'm like a body guard. They call me the police in our crew. Nothing gets passed my eye.



BA:  Obviously the show was taped several months ago, have you spoken to Jen since?Hell Nia: No. My bestfriend Putt spoke to her about her twitter rants with her friends & the key situation. But that friendship has sailed that s*** isn't docking anytime soon. My homeboy said, "You & Jen will speak again". My response was, "where in Heaven?"


BA: Has Jen attempted to sue you (as stated in the episode)?

Nia:Jen is killing all these trees with all these paper trails. She filed a police report after I slapped her but it didn't go anywhere to my knowledge. I also filed one for my protection. But what's weird to me is, she preaches non-violence & lawyer s*** all the time. But she's the same one with friends sending threats to me on twitter. & her thumb thugging, lip boxing ass is retweeting it & popping s*** as well. Now let's make this clear. How I was raised with no silver spoon & all, there are two ways to handle things. In the courts or in the streets. Jen needs to pick a lane & stick to it. Does she want me to get beat down or locked up. Her whole situation has holes. She claimed she'd never been smacked but her husband hit her in her face with a glass. If yall can't see the real through her purple contacts in all of this, yall are really blind.



BA:  If you could take the situation back, would you?

Nia:The thing is I live for today. Dwelling on my past mistakes & regrets will never allow me to be productive in my today. What happen, happened. God is my only judge & I'm a work in progress. I prayed on it, I serve a 2nd chance God. His forgiveness is all I seek.



BA: Do you feel you over reacted simply because Jen doesn't want to hang out with you anymore? What do you say to those who say "Just get over it"?

Nia:Let's set this s*** straight, I never wanted to hang out with Jen nor did I every hang out with Jen. Jen hung out with ME. Jen rolled with me. I connected Jen to the NY life scene. This is my City. I am well connected. My personality is how I meet & become almost family with people. Real recognizes real. I don't need anymore plus 1's, I'm good. I have my core. Even though, we let big foot creep in for a period of time & had good times with her that's not stopping no show over here. We are fucken good. Oh & I'm so over that s***. To this question I would normally just say, Zzzzzzzz's



BA: How do you handle the criticism on twitter, fb, blogs?

Nia:I don't let it bother me, it can't. I hate the way I looked in those scenes. I criticize myself. I'm a strong being, all of this chatter about me too shall pass. My future awaits.



BA:  If you had control over the production how would you have wanted the scene edited?

Nia: I'm fine with it... But I would have liked yall to see more of the salsa dancing her & I was doing. Oh & she did not get up that fast nor did I walk fast to get to her. Jen had so much time to get up & defend herself or walk out. Notice how Kesha got her ass up quick. I hope & pray after reading this the fans & viewers see the real.

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Comment by Baller Alert on April 17, 2012 at 4:33pm

@sheli maybe you should read the interview.. she answered all the questions u just asked. lol 

It's crazy.. I like all three of them.

Comment by Monica Amazing on April 17, 2012 at 4:50pm

I'm interested in knowing more about Jen and her suckin' and f*****'..lol

I done damn near burned my lip on the little bit of tea she threw in there.

Someone needs to ask some more questions about Jen's real ways while Nia is still simmering.  lol  She's spilling it all...lol

Comment by mese on April 17, 2012 at 4:54pm
@shelie I was saying the same exact s*** to my cousin last night why these broads always gotta do this shot in groups. And I agree its not ok for jenn to change but we all know eve has changed she called jenn a dlist star, I'm like if jenn is dlist then wtf are you?? That nia girl I really don't care what she has to say. And jenn does act bougie but so does eveyln she got her mom still living in the damn projects. Smh they all get on my nerves. And I do agree jenn needs to stop hanging with nene lol
Comment by Msknowitall on April 17, 2012 at 5:05pm

@siren ... And you can have a fabulous spot in Atlanta and other cities for $2,200.  Also, her apartment isn't making my mouth drop in Miami, so what the hell is she talking about? Jen is a fraud. I was feeling bad for her at the beginning of the season but yesterday's episode turned me off. 

Comment by Sheli on April 17, 2012 at 5:05pm

I just read it and that's still no reason to act the way she did.  If they don't like the person she's become just disassociate yourself from her and let her fall on her butt. She looked foolish, they invite people to these little meetings to bully them. If Jen really wasn't her friend like that & she doesn't care, then why all the theatrics? They talk all kinds of sideways to that chick & others, but act like its a crime for her to talk slick back. This interview just makes her seem so bitter, her emotions are sky high for a woman who doesn't care.

As far as the apartment thing, if you have your own spot & pay your own bills I salute you, BUT Evelyn drug Royce through the mud for her fashion choices, but now she wants to cry tears b/c someone talked about her friends' apartment. C'mon man.

Comment by Msknowitall on April 17, 2012 at 5:06pm

I DON'T think Nia had to smack the poor girl though ... That was unneccesary.

Comment by zena patrick on April 17, 2012 at 5:25pm

This girl Nia makes me sick !!!! Evelyn has history of being 'loose' AND SHE ALMOST KILLED KENYA FOR THAT and now you're putting someone past out there like that i would never stoop to that level even if someone isn't my friend. You need to grow up Nia and pray alot more... this is nonsense if you smack me and I couldn't get to you(the lord knows) I would of said the same thing to since you physically offended me. You could have simply changed your locks and keep it moving. You are pathetic , I am not on anyone's side but wrong is wrong!!!! you are no better than Evelyn. I am sure Jennifer at the end of the day still has more money than both of you combined.

Comment by Skytz0100 on April 17, 2012 at 5:31pm

I agree with @Shelli none of what she says justifies why she felt the need to get up out her chair and slap this chick in the face over this girl changing to fit her bougie personality. It seems she was too upset and if you were upset about those keys why wasn't that the first thing out of your mouth. I mean really, keys! You couldn't think of any other reason, oh yes and she changed, big freakin whoop! We all change and you grow apart from some relationships and Jen probably stopped messin with her cause in her eyes she is still friends with the enemy which is Evilyn! No matter what she says she can't justify why she got her ass up out that seat to slap and embarrass that girl in front of everybody like that.

And when did endometriosis turn into stages and make you sick like cancer! It sounds like somebody needs to sue their doctor or go back and get a real doctor to diagnose them, there is no such thing as stage 4 endometriosis, either you have it or you don't and the most that will happen is you have painful periods and you shed clots. Am I crazy! Someone clue me in and give me the link to the article on that one!

Comment by Cassandra on April 17, 2012 at 5:33pm

I could not refrain from posting on this!  First, Hi Ladies! Second, I am still in miami and I, myself, saw Jennifer creeping in the elevator with a football player at the Ritz Carlton. I also saw her a dream nightclub posted up at Fabolous table looking out of place and extra thirsty.  She also came at my man in Vegas and he is a football player and told me he for sure hit and he is almost certain that when they were talking about "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" they were referring to her getting down with him and Evelyn getting down wit his boy.  I hate hoes that don't want to admit they are hoes.  I'm a wifed up hoe like the rest of these hoes.  I admit to what and who I did to any guy that will ask and they appreciate that s***.  Anyway!  XOXO

Comment by Cassandra on April 17, 2012 at 5:35pm

Oh and that was Memorial weekend I saw her creeping.  Why was her bougie ass in Miami anyway during "URBAN WEEKEND?"  Probably looking for some new drug dealers to support her "LAVISH" life.  I almost smacked her in Cameo one night when she turned her nose up at me and my girls because we were dancing on each other.  Bitch, you at the same table I'm at being a HOE. 


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