Baller Alert x Anderson Cooper Show Official Recap

By now many of you have seen the  Anderson  episode that featured Baller Alert and some real life Baller Wives & Ex-wives. The show was titled Extreme Groupies vs Basketball Wives and allowed the Baller Wives to approach the "Groupies" that are "targeting their men". Many had an opinion before even watching the show. Those people are idiots. For those who didn't get to catch it, or those who DID get to watch and would like to discuss it further, here's the  Baller Alert x Anderson Cooper  re-cap blog. We're going to talk about what made the show, what was cut out and who's "right".


The show starts off with the "Baller Wives" and the "Groupies". I put them in quotation marks because it's up to you how you describe each. If I had my way I would name it "Women Who Date Ballers" and the "Women Who Married Ballers". Women who have the ring and women who want the ring. The only difference between the two sides of the couch are nuptials. Don't be fooled. 


The show started off pretty tense from the beginning. The wives (Rosa Blasi, Tia Robbins, Joumana Kidd) blamed the groupies (Michelle, Erika, Robin) for breaking up homes. Rosa Blasi, an actress who in her book has admitted to spreading it wide for ballers herself, made it appear that being a groupie was disgusting. She tells the girls that if they're looking for true love, you won't find it in a Baller. Funny, coming from a woman who moved to Los Angeles to chase athletes, dated ballers of every sport and ended up marrying one. Should've took her own advice, no?  Tia Robbins on the other hand believes you can find true love. See, she's married to a Baller now. During the show taping I didn't have enough fingers to count how many times Tia said her Baller has never and WILL NEVER cheat on her because they are soooooo happy. Anderson's producers cut that out. Maybe it was for the best because I was over it the first 30 times she said it. 


In this clip Rosa Blasi talks about how her NFL husband cheated on her the night of their wedding with her friend. A little background to this story, this is her friend that introduced her to the hockey player Rosa dated at one point. Both of them were "groupies" and Rosa just ended up getting the ring first. 


Erika, Michelle & Robin talk about how they meet Ballers.


And then somewhere the show turned into women dating MARRIED athletes...



Now, keep in mind, the premise of the show, the way it was pitched to us, had absolutely nothing to do with "married" ballers. Here's the thing. Nowhere on THIS site do we promote or encourage infidelity. I don't remember writing a single blog that urged women to go after all Ballers. As a matter of fact, not all Ballers are even married! Some of these Baller Wives were so caught up in their  FAIL of a relationship that they forgot that their are many young and single Ballers who are looking for someone just as young and available. For all of the Ballers who are married and step out on their wives, worry about what he's telling her, not what she (the groupie) is telling him. 



Can I take a break away from all that to discuss Tia Robbins? Miss Church Lady Thou Art Loosed with the Stayflow wig. She claims that her man is happy at home and that he has done a great job resisting temptation. Keep in mind she is the same woman who started a couples retreat called "Off Limits" that's basically designed to show you scalawags that her man is indeed, off limits. She also had a million and one things to say, lashing out at every woman on the panel who didn't have a wedding band. The woman was clearly bitter and it got me to thinking. If all things were good at home, why would you be so angry? Joumana wasn't angry. Even Rosa wasn't that bad. The divorced chicks were chilling, the happily married new mommy was bitter, why? I'll tell you why, that man is cheating on her and either she suspects it or she just found out. Tough.


But back to the recap.

Boss and I hit the stage. Anderson asks us a few questions about the site. Boss tells us when the site was started, why it started and I talk about the infamous Super Bowl blog that started all of this. What you didn't get to see on the show was Boss talking about all of the great things Baller Alert is about. We're not just Groupie Tales and Stalker Tips. Well, we were never "Stalker Tips" but I digress... We also post great things like Stock Tips, Articles On Healthy Living and Relationship Advice. Boss makes it a point to even tell Tia Robbins that we featured her "Off Limits" event. Of course Tia and her misplaced anger feel that although we're using the blog as a means to make money, we're breaking up homes. Oh....

And there you have it: If your man is cheating on you, it's not the groupie that is ruining the relationship. It's not the blog that is ruining the relationship. You can't even blame it on the rain, Miss Tia. It's your man. Check your man and maybe even check yourself! Your anger is focused on the wrong people and while you're focusing on us, your man is bumping and grinding the next thing walking. Direct your attention to your boo. I'm sure I said a lot more but it was cut and I can't remember.



Evelyn and Suzie joined the show. A lot of their part was cut out as well. Suzie talks about how she was laid up with her last boo for 10 years. Evelyn talks about how she met Chad on Twitter and how  as long as you don't come for hers, she won't come for you. Evelyn even talks about how she visits Baller Alert and doesn't have a problem with the site at all. Of course that was left on the cutting room floor. Go figure.


Evelyn talks to Anderson about her book Inner Circle


I personally feel the show caught the gist of it and that those who had a problem were the ones who didn't watch it or just didn't understand. Women wanting to date men that can provide for them is nothing new. I said this on the show as well. Wanting a man that can take care of you has been instilled in our minds since the dawn of time. We don't just talk about athletes, we talk about all successful men and our site isn't and we don't set people up. We give women tools to learn how to fix themselves so that they can attract Ballers. Not just athletes, but men who live the Baller lifestyle. We don't stalk Ballers because we tell you where and how to find them. We guide women in the right direction. I think that some people got the idea that this was a site set up to stalk athletes and learn how to take their money. This isn't a Groupie Guide to snagging a Baller either, although the success rate is pretty high :)



Did you catch the show? What were your thoughts?

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Comment by Baller Alert on April 24, 2012 at 12:27pm

Thanks everyone for your comments. I was nervous as hell.. being on camera is not for me. But I did get over my fear!!!

@sissy it was so stupid. They edited a lot out and the girls, me and eleven kept saying.. "they are no single ballers??" why do you keep saying we are ruining marriages. It was the most assinine thing. LOL I guess it was for ratings.

Comment by MS. UCAN NEVA GET ENUFF!! on April 24, 2012 at 4:17pm

I'm upset I missed the show.....I really wanted to see it.  Like everyone has already said It's not about stealing married men, but I guarantee you that's not going to deter anyone from visiting the site to check it win-win either way.

All we need now is IS a baller match...and do a single man of the month like Essence.  If someone is single and looking, they can put some words out and have an email for responses....

Comment by Honeycoated on April 24, 2012 at 8:02pm

SoLucious, damn that Duby wig was bothering me!!

Comment by TheLadyJosephine on April 24, 2012 at 9:01pm

Great job ladies.

Hello Boss and Baller...nice to put a faces to the monikers.

Does anyone else think Tia Robbins just became the #1 target on the "Let's f*** with her man" list.  Hoes from here to yonder are going to come out of the woodwork.  Hope she's prayed up.

Comment by University of Smitty on April 24, 2012 at 9:08pm

Yall looked too cute, lol  Congrats!!!!

Comment by TheLadyJosephine on April 24, 2012 at 9:09pm

Oops...that Eleven8 not Baller, hello!!

Comment by Mama Dragon Slayer Puss on April 25, 2012 at 1:24am

I still haven't gotten a chance to see the show yet. I watched the clips tho. I hope somebody uploads it to youtube. I really don't see what the discussion is about. I mean really. I love Baller Alert. I have learned so much from you girls and you all have really helped me out with decisions I had to make. Anyway, I recall a thread where we discussed "taking somebody's man" and none of us thought it could be done nor was it a cool thing to attempt. But whatev.  What t'ed me off a bit was an extra clip at the end on the website where Anderson says, "I think its a sad way to live" shaking his head and ish. What is a sad way? pursuing what you want? WANTING a successful/rich man? I agree with Sissy, why not millionaire matchmaker?  Most of the chicks they do open calls with are groupies. But again what ev. I love the way this ballerific mentality is impacting my life. I know what I deserve and I know that I deserve to get it. I know all I have to do is go get it. Baller Alert shows me how. Now I don't want a married man, under any circumstances. Hell, I dont want a man with a lady. But I do want one with ambition, and what greater why to measure a mans ambition than by his pockets??

Comment by maxwells_musze on April 25, 2012 at 9:30am

Nice! I still want to see the entire show but couldn't find it on HULU. Maybe has it? Anywho job well done. Robin you look gorg:)


Now...who was the chick in the turrible wig looking like a black Florence Henderson aka Missus Brady?


Its funny to read how people found their way to I found myself here after being a part of several incarnations of messageboards of a group of us, including Boss. Yahoo Groups Black Rumors and then it was turned into the Orignial Black Rumors (w/original misspelled) after the first group admin went loco and started censoring us. Good Times!

Comment by Miss Double Kiss on April 25, 2012 at 8:43pm

sooo if a chick "really" wants to find a "baller" she can go here huh?

Comment by LaDiva on April 26, 2012 at 10:14am

No woman is above her man cheating on her, and I mean no one.  However, pretending the married woman doesn't have a right to be mad at the groupie, side piece, or however you want to label yourself is ridiculous.  Yes the one who made the vows is first and foremost responsible, however it takes two to tangle and thinking you're not contributing to it is being full of s***.  Own up to your s*** and don't feel a type a way when you are also being called out for contributing to someone's pain.  This is no way excuses any man who cheats on their spouse, they aint s*** either.


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