I waited until I saw his tail lights round the corner then I walked out and closed the door behind me. I slid into my Jaguar and rolled down my driveway and out of the front gate I was one car behind him before we exited the community. I was sure to keep my pace slow and steady; I didn’t want to risk him seeing me. I don’t know what had gotten into me, I never followed him before, never thought about doing it. Brian was always out on some kind of business and even if I knew it wasn’t business actually I still didn’t pry, seek, inquire or follow. We came to a stop light and I watched him, his movements, his demeanor, he was calm and laid back. I watched him until the light turned green and he pulled off. He made a right and I did as well. We kept heading North until we were close to the highway, Brian put on his right signal to merge onto the on ramp, I did as well but I kept driving straight and passed it. I kept heading North, as I passed the on ramp I looked over and saw his truck merging into the flow of traffic. I looked down at my wedding ring and band I still admired the beauty of his choice. The pear shaped bauble surrounded by rows of baguettes was simply gorgeous. I focused my eyes back on the road and I kept straight. Where ever my husband was headed…I didn’t want to know.






During the whole drive home my head was spinning, this b**** just stared me down while her pregnant stomach poked out at me. Chante was pregnant again and she looked to be about four months which is around the same time that Brett and I had a marital hiccup. I looked over at him then back at B.J. and decided against asking my question. I held my tongue which was probably the best thing to do considering I had nothing good to say to Brett. For some reason that moment brought up all the anger and insecurity of four months ago. I looked at my husband again and wondered what happened that night he didn’t come home. Was he with Chante? Did they? Is the baby she’s carrying my husband’s? I didn’t know.


I waited until we were home and B.J. was in his room getting changed. Brett was in our bedroom and I walked in and closed the door.

“Did you know that Chante was pregnant?

“Yeah, she told me” he answered without looking up

“She told you what?”

“That she was pregnant”

“And how long ago was this?” I returned

 “I don’t know, a few months ago. Where are we going with this Pris?”

“Where were you the night that you didn’t come home?”


“You heard me Brett. Where were you?”

“I wasn’t with Chante. If that’s where you’re leading to”

“Who were you with?”

“I was with no one. I rented a hotel room for the night so that things could cool off here at home. Then in the morning, I came back”

Brett watched me as I watched him, I guess we both were waiting to see what the other was going to do.

“I was alone…all night long Pris. Can we please put that behind us now?” Brett reached out and slid his hands around my waist pulling me into him. I looked up at him, at his lips then his eyes. “Please” he whispered.


Brett leaned in and kissed me. He kissed me slow and sweetly I parted my lips to receive his tongue and allowed it into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in deeper. Love making is never on the agenda after a game because usually Brett is exhausted but that ruled seemed subject to change at this moment. Brett reached down and unbuttoned my blouse, he reached in and rubbed my hardening nipples through my sheer bra.

“I want a family with you” he said between kisses to my lips

“And I want one with you” I kissed him back

Brett removed my blouse and began kissing my neck. In my mind I was swept up by the desire for him and the desire to conceive. Every time we made love it went from me hoping on his d*** to me peeing desperately on a stick hoping that this time it would read differently from the last month. And each time my heart was crushed, no pregnancy, no baby and now I have to watch this happy spiteful b**** parade her growing belly around like she has one up on me. I reached down, undid my husband’s pants, reached in and grabbed his d***. I stroked it a few times to get it erect then I walked away from him and toward our bed dropping each article of clothing off my body on the way. I climbed into the bed naked and reached for my husband. Brett stripped off every piece of his clothing from his glorious lean athletic body and climbed on top of me. I spread my legs and welcomed him in and he obliged by sliding into me with ease. We both moaned as he entered my now soaking wet slit, he plunged deep and I grabbed onto his biceps. He was rock hard and hungry, Brett leaned in and kissed me passionately as he stroked deeper and deeper into me driving me wild. He lifted up on his arms and began thrusting himself into me at a slow pace.

“I want a family with you” he moaned “Give me a baby” he whispered before lowering himself onto me and burying his face into my neck.

“Give me a baby Pris” he said again

“I will” I managed as the tears began to roll down the sides of my face. I said a prayer and asked that I be able to conceive. I wanted to give my husband what he wanted because I was too afraid that he would eventually get tired and find it somewhere else.





When I got home I knew that my hubby was hungry so as he always prefers me to cook naked, I stripped down to nothing but my high heels, wedding ring and earrings and started his dinner. I prepared him a delicious meal of white rice, black beans and pulled pork. He loves my pulled pork and to watch my ass jiggle while I move around the kitchen. So of course I put on a show for him with extras. I make sure that I drop my spoon at least five times so that I can bend over in front of him. I prepared Empanadas before I left and popped them into the oven, of course checking them a few times as well, though I know just hoe long it takes for them to cook. Once dinner is ready I set the table and slide into my sheer robe while we eat, he loves to look at my breast from across the table, he says it adds extra spice to the meal. Then after were done eating off it comes once again while I wash the dishes. Reid provides a life beyond what I could ever dream of so if he wants me to scrub pots naked, there are no questions asked not even an eyebrow raised…..it’s done.

After the dishes are done, I run upstairs and run a tub of hot water sometimes with bubbles and oil and sometimes not. Tonight I’d save the oil for afterwards. Reid always needed to get into our tub with the high powered on full throttle for his aching muscles. I stripped him of his clothing and helped him in. At first I allowed him to soak and to let the jets do their work on him then I lathered a washcloth and bathed him from head to toe. He returned the favor and bathed me clean. We laughed and shared kisses as the hot water bubbled around us. I enjoyed my husband, just as I was going in for another kiss I heard my phone ringing.

“it’s probably my mother calling, she was always calling for something. I stood and allowed the water to run from my naked body. Reid opened his mouth and moved toward me so he could catch the water falling from breasts, his silliness caused me to laugh and I stepped out of the tub. I tiptoed across the tile floor carefully then ran across the carpet in the bedroom. I grabbed my cell phone but the missed was from a private number. I couldn’t call it back to see who was trying to reach me so I headed back into the bathroom and commenced to bathing my husband. Whoever it was would call back.





As soon as I opened the hotel room door he was on me. Kisses came from everywhere and landed on my mouth, shoulders, cheeks and forehead.

“I’ve missed you” he said pulling me into the room”

I could barely get into the room fully. Brian wasted no time, my shirt was over my head and off before I knew it and my bra was loosened and falling to the floor. Brian took in a mouth and handful of breast at the same time sucking ravenously at them. He reached down between my legs and rubbed what he loved so much.

“Give it to me” he whispered

“Take it” I replied and let out an aching moan at the sound of it.

I ran my fingers through his short hair as he continued to suck and lick my nipples. Though for me this was a more comprehensible and comfortable predicament to be in than lying in bed someone who actually loves me. I understood arrangements, needs and agreements. I didn’t understand love and have never felt comfortable when associated with it. I was far more comfortable in the dark.


Brian stripped my pants from me then his from him. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he entered me hard and aggressively. I arched my back to receive all of him, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held on because I could see it in his eyes. He’d been waiting, I made him wait. I denied him his “juicy blackberry” and he wanted to repay me in pain. Brian f***** me like he was fresh out of prison. It was hard, fast and mouth watering and I loved it. I arched my back as I came, it was intense enough to peel the paint from the walls. Though he was awesome at administering a good p**** pounding, I didn’t c** from the f******, I came from the power. Still grinding my hips to meet his thrusts Brian turned and carried me to the bed and threw me onto it. I let out a playful giggle as he jumped and mounted me, he entered me unapologetically and sink his d*** deep into I moaned out again in sincere pleasure. I missed him to somewhere deep inside, I couldn’t explain it.


Brian buried his face into the heaping mountains of my perky implants that he paid for, licking them as if he expected the chocolate to come off. He continued to plunge deeper and deeper into me making me pay for denying him for so long. I looked up at his face and it was fixed with fiery lust and domination. That’s when I flipped him over and mounted him. I needed him to understand that I was the one who called the shots, no f****** would go on between us unless I allowed it to happen, I grinded my hips into him causing him to moan and pant.

“Yeah, just like that” I whispered.

He must’ve seen the same domination in my eyes because in one fluid scoop he flipped me off of him and onto all fours and entered me from behind. It was succulent and I loved it. Brian then grabbed my necklace and tightened it in his hands cutting off my circulation a bit and rode me so hard that we both came at the same time. I collapsed with him collapsing on top of me exhausted and spent. I don’t know why of all the men since Damon, he was the only one I haven’t been able to shake. I didn’t love him and I only loved the power I had over him sexually. He didn’t love me he just loved f****** me, so why wa sit so hard to completely stop this with him. Why do I always give in eventually? Briand ran his tongue then his fingers down the center of my spine then slid two fingers into my ass and I was ready for more. I didn’t love him and he didn’t love me so why can’t I shake him? And why can’t he shake me?


Brian stiffened up again and slowly penetrated my ass, he moved slow and passionately as I buried my face into the sheets and enjoyed every stoke thinking “Why can’t I shake him?”




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well damn  first time reader and loved it !!


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