Baller Wives Club "And I Am Telling You" Episode 9.5 (Conclusion)


"And I Am Telling You" (Conclusion) Episode 9.5

Priscilla moved her hand and ran it along my cheek. “It will be good to save your husband’s job, no?”

She then leaned in, slid her hand into my track suit jacket and kissed me in the mouth.

“Fuck me tonight and save your husband’s job tomorrow” she whispered removing her dress straps from her shoulder exposing her bare breast.

I dropped my champagne flute, I was frozen.

“Wait!...what in the hell are you doing?!”

“Can’t you figure it out by now. I’m blackmailing you for sex baby” she gave with a little irritation.

I moved back as far as I could in on the extended seat and banged on the window

“Let me out of here!” I yelled frantically.

Priscilla leaned onto the cushion in between us and spoke in a low voice “If he stops this limo, your husband is off the team” she said it with such finality that it was ever so clear to me that she was totally serious.

“There is no trade option and with his f*** ups this season, no one will want to pick him up. So my dear you are in a very powerful position. You have the power to please me as well as keep your husband on the team. What do you want him to do” she said gesturing at the black tinted petition. She watched me as I tried to swallow the lump in my throat.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked my voice shaking

“Because you are very beautiful….and because I want to” she moved in, grabbed my jacket and pulled me into her.

I thought about Reid and how he’s been in fear after the past few games. He knows he’s on thin ice and has to make better plays on the field. We all knew he wasn’t playing on the level his teammates needed him to. Priscilla unzipped my jacket and smiled at my lace bra that lay just beneath. She ran her finger along the pattern of the lace tracing my areola and nipple that peaked unwillingly by her touch. She undid the small hook between my breasts that held the garment together and by breasts bounced free. Priscilla gasped in amazement and covered her mouth then resumed to touching my skin.

“You are so beautiful” said seeming to my breasts then she moved in. She kissed and licked them and I felt like I was having an outer body experience. I have never been attracted to or thought about sex with another woman. I was a proud loving wife who would never ever think of hurting my husband with an affair but now it was an affair that would keep my husband from getting hurt. I fought back the tears that were welling in my eyes and threatening to spill over onto and down my face. I couldn’t look at her, I couldn’t face what was happening. But when I closed my eyes I only saw Reid’s face, the heaviness he felt after the past few games, the fear in his eyes because of his performance. He knew that if he kept playing the way he has been that it would only be a matter of time before he’d be faced with being cut from the team.


Priscilla sucked hungrily at my breasts and pushed my jacket and bra from my body. She slid her dress down and onto the floor, she rubbed her nude body as she eyed mine.

“Take off your pants” she ordered softly

I could only stare at her, her request was incomprehensible.

“What?” I asked not because I didn’t hear her but because even with my breasts exposed and her naked body before me, the thought of me being naked in order to have sex with her never entered my thoughts. My mind didn’t extend that far. I removed my pants and she eyed my thighs. My lace panties were all that were left then she reached for them. She reached for the thin fabric on my hips and pulled bringing the entire garment down with one easy motion. Priscilla purred as she stroked my bare p****, she spread my legs and buried her face in my twat. I cried out in shock and disdain, I covered my face and tried to go somewhere else, I then allowed the tears to roll. Priscilla pulled me to the edge of the seat and feasted. I heard her mumble something but I ignored it, I didn’t want to see what she was doing to me. I closed my eyes tight but she mumbled something again. I moved my hands and looked down at her, her eyes were raised to mine as she licked and sucked on my twat. She mumbled something once more, then she moved her mouth from me. Her mouth was saturated with glazed secretions, my secretions.

“You taste so good” she smiled “Let the hair grow a little, I do not like it all the way bald too childlike” she requested then resumed to sucking. I looked out the window and watched the world go by while Priscilla had oral sex with me. My mind was in a haze, this all felt so surreal like I was in a bad dream but I couldn’t wake because it was actually happening. I looked down at her blond hair, her buried face and the motion of her head. She was eating my p****, I heard a moan escape my lips and I looked down at my breasts and my nipples were peaked. With tears streaming down my face I tried to fight the signs of betrayal that my body was revealing, I bit back the moan that threatened to escape my lips again as she licked and sucked. I fought the feeling of pleasure my body was beginning to embrace but with every second it became harder to not give into the sensation that her tongue and lips were giving me. I moaned again rocked my hips as she sucked my clitoris into her mouth over and over. My hands reached for her hair and removed the bun it was twisted into. I gathered as much of it into my fists and navigated her to the spots that pleased me most. My moans were full an audible now as was hers. She fed off of my pleasure as she allowed her tongue to go into overdrive, licking my entire p**** now. She stiffened her tongue and slid it into my stabbing me with it. I cried out again as I thrust towards it wanting more, she alternated between stabbing my p**** with her tongue and sucking my clitoris. Then I felt the waves of climatic release overtake me, I came hard and deliciously into her mouth. My body jerked with spasms of pleasure and she kept her mouth attached until every drop was out. I closed my eyes and felt ashamed.

“Mmmm, that was so good. I’ll be sure to talk with my husband tonight. I assure you that your husband will keep his position on the team”

“Does your husband know about this?” I asked in fear

“He does not. He knows of my affection for p**** but he never knows who. He benefits when I get home so he’s happy as am I.” Priscilla reached for her dress and moved over to the bench and slipped it on and I grabbed my things and dressed. Priscilla tapped her ring on the glass window then smiled at me. “We’ll take you back home now”.





I was on the plane to Chicago, Jasper insisted that I book the flight landing one hour before his team’s plane arrived. He wanted me there when he got there. My baby is everything to me. I still had about another hour and had watched a movie already. I pulled out my iPad and checked my email and social networking accounts for new messages and such. Normally I tried not to read anything in my news feed but today was the day that as soon as I logged onto my Twitter account some “stray” that goes by the name “SharkBait” tweeted “On my way to Chi- Town to support my home team and maybe end up with some long term support #fkn&sukn”.

“For real?” I said out loud these tricks were ridiculous, I sucked my teeth and moved on to finishing checking my messages. Once that was complete I surfed the web a bit. I Googled Jasper Knox and everything popped up from his high school stats to a picture of him in his Shark’s uniform. A picture of him and I caught my eye, I looked at the website reference, it read “” and the caption read “Meet Star Rookie Jasper Knox’s Girlfriend”.

“Seriously?” I blurted out.”How in the hell, did they get this picture of us?” I wondered because it was a photo of when we went for smoothies one Sunday evening. A fan must’ve taken it and sent it in because no news cameras were around nor was anyone asking for a picture with him on this night. The pictured showed us walking hand in hand sipping on our drinks, we looked casual and in love, that was obvious even in the photo. I clicked onto the link and opened the story, it gave the entire spill on us. It read “Ladies, he’s Signed, he’s Paid and he’s Taken. Meet Desiree Child’s. This one has been playing her position just as long as Savannah Brinson has been paying hers on Lebron’s team. Desiree has been with Jasper since the tenth grade in high school and has been by his side every step of the way. Sorry ladies but this mutli-million dollar rookie seems to be off limits period. Good luck Desiree, you’ve earned your ring!”

I smiled at the gesture of the article, then it hit me. There are people whom I’ll never know or meet that knows my name and face. The weight of it rested on my shoulders and I closed the website down. I looked out the window at the clouds that were eye level and thought of the days when we’d eat off the dollar menu in high school and dream about days when we’d have money. We’d be married and have a boy and a girl with a nice house, I always clarified a BIG house, with a boy named Jasper Jr., a girl named Jasmine and a dog named Supe short for Superbowl. And now it’s here those days have arrived. I am on a plane flying in to see my baby play in a game in Chicago. I felt so blessed and loved it was overwhelming. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, we were landing in under an hour and I was ready to see my baby.


When I exited the tunnel, I saw a driver holding a card with my name on it. I smiled and he took and loaded my luggage into the town car. I slid into the back where there was a huge bouquet of roses waiting on the seat for me. The card read “I’m so glad you’re here with me”. I smiled and anticipated getting to the room, the team’s plane would land in about 45 minutes and I wanted to get to the room an get settled.

The driver wheeled the town car into the drive way of the hotel and I was taken back at the enormity of the building, The Ritz Carlton was enormous and rich looking not to mention rich with history. I stepped out the car and the wind whipped my hair backwards. It felt good and free, the air was crisp and clean. I felt so beautiful and excited to be here.


I made my way to the counter and checked in, one of the attendants followed with my bags. The suite was enormous and lavish, I walked in feeling like a Queen. I walked to the window in the living room and looked out at the city it took my breath away, I looked at my watch and saw that it was 1:30 p.m., they just landed and would be here at the hotel in maybe twenty to thirty minutes. I walked over and grabbed my luggage. I took the clothes from the garment bag and walked over to the closet to hang my clothes up. I opened it and screamed; she stood there screaming too. There was a b**** standing in the closet butt ass naked with Jasper’s jersey number painted across her titis.

“You’re not Jasper” this white b**** screamed and fire shot through me like an inferno

“And you’re not me” I gave with a slap across that b****** face. I grabbed as much hair as I could grip and snatched her ass out of the closet.

“Bitch! Was all I could manage as I wailed on her naked ass. She was screaming and I was cursing and swinging, she somehow managed to get from under me and sprint with one shoe on towards the door. She was running for her life and I was on the chase. As I ran from the room, Jasper and a three of his teammates were coming up the hall met by this naked, screaming one shoe ass “stray” b**** screaming bloody murder.

“Help me, she’s crazy!” she grabbed at them for help, for protection but I was still on her ass.

“This b**** was hiding in the closet in the room” I huffed as Jasper rushed towards me. He grabbed me and backed me towards our suite.

“Calm down baby, calm down” he advised

“This kind of s*** happens all the time when we’re on the road. This is what groupies do but you can’t assault them”

His words snapped me clean out of my fury

“This happens all the time? Naked b****** in the closet waiting on you? This happens all the time?”

“Hey, ya’ll get rid of her please and check your closets too. Come on Dez” Jasper walked with me to the room.

I walked in and grabbed her s*** from the closet and threw it into the hall and Jasper closed the door behind us. Jasper called down to the Assistant Coach’s room and told him what happened. They were up in our room in moments. I heard one of them say “She wants to file assault charges”.

“What?!” I yelled from across the room.

Jasper rushed over to me and took my hands “Babe, just relax I’ll take care of everything”

“She wants to file assault charges?” On who? Me?”

Jasper’s eyes were heavy concern “The police are on the way here babe, I’ve already called my attorney, she’s on the next plane here”.

I looked at Jasper like, he was speaking backwards.

I was going to jail.




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Comment by Bonita on February 16, 2013 at 5:10pm
This can't be it noooooo! I love the way BA made an appearance
Comment by Lady on February 16, 2013 at 5:58pm

Deiree and her boo may be rich, but she still can whip a b****** ass any time!! lol That had me rolling

Comment by Philly Debutante since '88 on February 16, 2013 at 7:04pm

Go head Desiree! 

Comment by mavsbabe41 on February 16, 2013 at 7:31pm

Lol, @Bonita, I like the BA appearance, too.

Yes, I am still hungry for more of the baller wives club! 

Comment by Foxie Millero on February 18, 2013 at 5:06am

Thank you guys, I am so appreciative of your support. 

Comment by pretty on February 18, 2013 at 8:20am
i live :-)
Comment by HisADDiction on February 18, 2013 at 10:28am
Please don't tell me that's it?! I want to see if she going to jail for real?! And if that boy job got saved?!
Comment by Ms.Dimples on February 18, 2013 at 11:26am

Can't wait til friday for more :)

Comment by Future Socialite on February 18, 2013 at 1:14pm

LMAO!!! I can't right now. Desiree whipped that girl's ass. That's too much for me! And I wonder if Priscilla will continue to use Gabby. 

Comment by Carla Jenkins on February 18, 2013 at 7:48pm

Love it Fox! I wish she would file that groupie would file charges on Desiree.  If I were Jasper, I would file trespassing charges on her breaking into the hotel room.  Thirsty broad!


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