DREAM GUY COME TRUE ||CH.1|| by Savv Davis

First & Foremost I would like to thank Balleralert for letting me share my NEW & IMPROVED 

Ballerific life with you all! Its truly a blessing, I hope you all enjoy your read… Grab a few towels because its

JUICY! xxx -SavvDavis

Pulling down my new fitted dressed I sighed at the way it was hugging my curves. This was no way to go looking for a job. Today was a weird day I felt it in my soul, I changed three times before it was time to go. Trying to match my mood I slid on some grey leggings and a grey hoodie. “You think they hire people in attire like that Savv? " My mom looked at me like a child had seen a ghost. “I’m just not in the mood mommy” I said closing my door for privacy. The last few months were amazing when it came to making money…fast money. I loved the feeling of quick money in my hands without working. Zipping up my jacket I looked at myself one more time, this time I looked with pure disgust. For some reason I needed to change my mood for the better. Picking up the colorful dress again I slid it over my coca cola shaped body. Twisting my body from side to side in the mirror I grabbed my Chanel clutch and resume and was out the door. I hated this mood..feeling down everyday, turning up the radio in my car I tried to hype myself up before I went into this place to get this job. “What are you waiting on? Go ahead” my mom said as I parked the car. My mom hated some of things I did, she hated my hustle no matter how much money I brought in. I promised her that I would get a regular job an go back to school just to make her happy. I’ll do anything for this lady. “Ok mommy I’m going dang!” Shutting the mirror, I applied a bit of gloss and shut the door.

“Excuse me miss lady” he said. Turning my head slowly annoyed. “Yes”? Stopping in my tracks. I hated stopping what I was doing for a nigga…in a Nissan at that. Now don’t get me wrong it’s nothing wrong with a Nissan, but if you live in Atlanta that’s the number 1 fake dope boy, I have no money, all you can eat Mcdonalds, di*k, weed and Waffle House type of nigga (RUN FAR AWAY FROM THE NISSANS LADIES). “I seen you fixing ya lips in the mirror and I was fascinated” he smirked. You seriously have got to be kidding me I was so annoyed at this point I just walked off. “Hi is your manager available”? The bartender continued doing what she was doing. She must be stupid ignoring my question, the bit*h was annoying me with her attitude. Can’t even come in the fu*king place starting off with a good attitude because of whores like this. Leaning against the bar I couldn’t imagine myself doing this for a living. Good mood..stay in a good mood Savv, for mommy. Breathing in and out slowly I prepared to ask this stupid a*s bit*h one more time for her manager for an application without causing a scene. Right before I opened my mouth, “Our manager is not here but the boss is right there you can speak with him". She said wiping the counter around my chanel clutch. “Okay thank you.” rolling my eyes grabbing my clutch.

Looking at him as I walked closer he seemed a bit young to be a Boss. “Hi I’m..” Interrupted. “Yes I know I’ll be with you in a second miss.” Nodding his head turning back to whomever he was speaking with. Looking down at my thighs, I felt so stupid in this damn dress, Why! Every time I go somewhere my sh*t gotta be revealing. Snapping me out of my unnecessary thoughts he called me over. “How can I help you” pulling his TMT (The Money Team) hat off. At this moment I’m confused to why he had this hat, Only Floyd Mayweather people and people with REAL money had TMT attire….Then I start to think.. what if he’s seen me in the club working?, I’m so embarrassed he’s not going to hire me. “I need a job… application” looking at whomever he was speaking with across the table, I thought it was rude he was still seated. “How old are you and where do you work” he said. “Nineteen and I work in Miami right now but I’m trying to prove some..” Interrupted again.This man just loved cutting me off I see. “Your beautiful as fu*k…” He said licking his lips.

"OH!" SHOCKED I pulled my dress down sitting up in my chair making sure I heard him right. I knew I shouldn’t have worn this hoe a*s dress, can’t even come in here and get a damn job. Laughing at his compliment awkwardly “So I’m guessing that means I got the job?” Smiling with success. “Hey! Somebody need to be by my f****** door! F*** is you doing!!” He yelled across the room at one of his waitresses…...

He was a boss A REAL fu*king BOSS that sh*t turned me all the way ON. I was ready to lay it all out on this table I didn’t give a fu*k if this other nig*a was at the table or not. “Now back to you baby.. Nah baby fu*k a job you got me, I got you”. Pulling my hand up kissing it. Melting in my seat I forgot why I came in here for. “Are you serious right now? Because I don’t have time to play games with you”. Pulling my chain to my purse over my shoulder. “Where you going? You ain’t leaving unless it’s with me babygirl”. Looking at me and then the man across the table enjoying the view of us. “When’s your birthday… Ya name, baby what’s ya sign, I want to get to know you”. Sipping his Hennessy. “My name is Savv and I’m a cancer, what’s yours?” Sitting back down in my seat. I loved a man that was interested in me.. The real me. “Cancer woman huh? Your a good ass genuine woman. All I want you to do is take care of me baby and you can have whatever you want, I’m a Sagittarius”. Kissing my hand again. Smiling at him I couldn’t resist his charm.. It put everything on a whole different level and I fell for him instantly. It was unbelievable!!! I came in looking for a job and possibly found my dream guy. “Where do we go from here?” Still annoyed with the other man sitting at the table soaking up our conversation like a yellow annoying stank a*s dish sponge. “I’ll be right back, I need to talk to my wife for a second” grabbing his keys dapping the annoying sponge.

Following him out to his car I almost fainted looking at his 2013 S550 Mercedes Benz. He opened my door slowly helping me in the car. Then it dawned on me… Hold the fu*k up where am I going.. What is this? Why the fu*k am I in his car..I hope he don’t think I’m about to fu*k him. He opens his door to my loud mouth. “Um! Where are we going?!” I said crossing my arms irritated. “Wherever you wanna go baby, we can go across the world, Visit every sea.. We can sit and swim in every beach just for you.” He said turning on the air. “Oh how cute, but see it’s more than that I’m all about my paper I don’t have time for story time you can tell them to another bit*h”. Unbuckling my seatbelt about to leave. “Wait baby wait” he said pulling a Louis Vuitton duffle from the back seat he pulled out a stack of money. He read my mine, He knew exactly what it was to keep a bit*h like me around. “Here baby that should be enough for two days, go get everything re-done, hair…nails all that. You’ll be my fiancé soon and I need to make sure my fiancé is happy.” Kissing my lips. My heart dropped, is he serious right now? (Ladies a man will sell his soul to be with the woman he really wants…BE THE WOMAN A MAN HAS TO GIVE HIS ALL TO KEEP YOUR ATTENTION). Thats how I do it ;)

 Gripping about 5,000 in my hand I couldn’t even think straight. The fact that I was about to walk back to my car to my mom with a fairy tale story and might be slapped was unbelievable. His phone rang, he picked it up laughing, “Yeah man, thanks for coming out last night that s*** brought me mad bread. Listening I filled out the voice, it was rap star Future. Hanging up the phone after his conversation. “So what you want me to do now? Suck your di*k in this car because you just dropped 5stacks? " I said ready to slap him if yes came out his damn mouth.

“Haha… I like you, but nah I don’t have time for all that right now where your car at? I’ll pick you and my new mother up tonight for dinner. So be free”. Handing me his phone exchanging my life over in to his. Now what the fu*k ima tell my mom? Maybe I was just born for this sh*t. “See you at six baby” kissing his lips… Damn cant even get a nine to five this fast money gets me every time …

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Comment by K. Torati on December 2, 2013 at 11:50am
Is this a true story and if so where you 16 still?
Comment by Savv Davis on December 2, 2013 at 11:54am
No this is actually happening now. I'm 19.
Comment by Mimi on December 2, 2013 at 12:36pm

interesting read waiting on ch.2

Comment by Esmine Riggins on December 2, 2013 at 10:30pm

Wow. Sounds unbelievable, but shout outs to you. I'll be tuned in to read whats happening next. I enjoy stories like this. they allow me to escape from my shitty ass life. 

Comment by Yea Am Her on December 6, 2013 at 12:17pm
I can't wait for chapter 2 this story is A+
Comment by Texas Gal on December 13, 2013 at 10:28am
Ok just read this I'm loving it then I read chapter 3, Savv boo what happen to chapter 2, but keep it going because I'm living my dream through you!!!:)
Comment by Nikitaallday on December 16, 2013 at 12:58pm

loving this already

Comment by Diamond Princess on January 6, 2014 at 11:15am

Oh honey. Dream guy come true? At this point you've met him less than 24 hours ago and you're already about to throw hands in the bathroom. Stop all that attitude, this man is so transparent. He's a player and you're a cute face, take the money and move along. I wouldn't go marrying this man, nor would I be taking him around my folks. 


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