Introducing Mr. BA himself: Mr. Jack Benjamin- Ames :Brother's Keeper

Jack had not heard from Almira since flinging the three hundred dollars at her and walking out the hotel room door. He was happy that she did as he requested without any trouble. Jack thought to himself it wouldn’t be wise for her to make their situation a public spectacle. She had too much to lose and Jack had little to win in such an event. The weekend with his two youngest boys went smoothly as always. They got along very well with each other. Jack often wondered what it would be like if he had to keep the boys permanently. There was no problem on his end he had enough money to support both of them by himself. The big difference was in the fact that he was not married although when he and Almira divorced the three oldest children were still in middle school. Jack had lived with his parents as he continued to manage working, going to college and raise his children. Almira could visit them when she pleased but he knew that it would be unlikely that she would visit them. Almira at this point in her life was more concerned about her then Jacob or Horace. Jack figured that she decided not to have an abortion because she knew that she could get more money if she kept them. She was right. Jack paid over 2.4 million dollars in child support a year and this was not counting the money that her husband was giving her in support of the boys while he was on a business trip. The woman had it made and had player her cards right up until now. She ran the big risk of Ishmael finding out that the twins were not his biological children and the fact that until a couple few days ago she was sleeping with her ex husband who happened to be the father of the boys.

‘Yes,’ Jack thought. ‘She was playing a very dangerous game but was I’ He began to think about how her husband might react if or more likely when he would find out about the boys. He thought about this every time he sent for the boys. ‘Maybe I should tell him myself…’ his thought wondered off as he arrived at his place. The driver opened his door and he headed up to his penthouse.
Jack took the special elevator directly up to his penthouse and walked straight to his dressing room. His closest space would put most people’s bedrooms to shame as the room was huge and filled with his suits and other clothes. He had a part of the room just for his sons’ clothes. Jack let them use his closet space for the few clothes they had at his place. There was no real logical reason for it but he liked to know that their clothes would be the first he would see when he walked in and the last he would see when he walked out the closet. Jack had always been a very neat person and his spotless apartment and very organized closet reflected that part of him. In a few short minutes he was dressed down in jeans and causal button up shirt walking bare foot through his penthouse. He grabbed the remote and channel surfed for a awhile but nothing caught his attention. It wasn’t Sunday so the Tudors weren’t on and all the other programs he would watch would not be on until June. It seemed that this was going to be another boring night for him. He switched the computer on to check his email as he pressed the off switch on the tv remote. The first email surprised him. It was from his older brother and stated that Jack was supposed to call him an hour ago. By the time Jack had deleted three junk emails he had his brother’s phone number dialed.

“Shaleef, it’s me. Sorry for getting back to you so late I didn’t check my email until now.”

“Yeah I figured you didn’t check your mail. It’s ok. I was hoping we could talk face to face tonight but I know your probably just getting home from work..”

“No, it’s fine come over. We could catch up a bit. I see that you must be in town. Mother called me and told me to email you. Did you get my message?” Jack asked his brother.

“Yes I did. I’m sorry for not responding as quickly as I normally would but I have been busy with all the meetings and every email I get is bout some problem with something.”

“I understand. How far are you from my place?”

“Not far. I should be there in 10 minutes so make sure you are presentable.”

Jack grinned. “Aren’t I always?” It wasn’t long before Shaleef had arrived at Jack’s place and was laughing and joking around with his younger brother.

“So which woman was it this week, Black?”

“Oh none that you would know, Shaleef, I finally ended it with Almira a few days ago so if you begin to wonder why mom is not complaining about that. You will know the reason.”

“I try not to be there when mom goes in on you about that. I’m glad that it’s over but then again it’s not over because you had two more kids with her so you got to deal with her for a few more years. Jacob and Horace are 15 now, right?” he asked.

“Yes they are 15 in another three years they will be going off to college like their brothers and sisters before them and I’ll be another proud papa at their graduation.”

“That you’ll be but don’t you think it’s time to find a way to tell Ishmael the truth? They are your kids not his. She got that man walking around in a cloud. It’s not right that the boys have to pretend to be his kids and be forced in the terrible situation because eof you and Almira. Black it isn’t right and you know it.”

“You know you sounded just like father.” Jack said to his brother.

“I thought I sounded like mother.”

“No mother’s version would have been a little different and probably would have ended with a knock on the head and then father would have come in and said you disgraced me.”

“Yeah your right mother would have done something like that then father would have said that to you but it’s true. You need to fix this Black and do it soon before that man finds out and kills her or your kids.”

“I know but I don’t think he would hurt the boys. He is too attached to them and even when he does find out that they are not his sons. I do believe that the only one in danger is Almira.”

“So you’re not worried about yourself? You don’t think that he would come after you?”

“No Shaleef. He wouldn’t. He’ll be upset with me but he has always said that I was her first husband and h feels we had some sort of bond he could never come against so I don’t believe he will do me harm.” Jack said calmly laying back into the couch.

“I hope your right because I don’t want to go to any funerals beside mom and dad would just raise you from the dead and kill you again.”

“HAHA you right about that now are you involved with another one or you still taking it solo?” Jack asked.

“No not with anyone now but as you should know being single does have its benefits.”

“Oh yes it does.” Jack smiled to himself.

“But I’m thinking that having a girl friend again wouldn’t be a bad idea. You know, once I find the right one. You someone to talk to and hold on my lonely nights… Black? Black Jack!” Shaleef tapped his brother on the arm. Jack had put his head back and closed his eyes.

“What?” he asked slight confused about his younger brothers reaction.

“You were not listening.”

“Not listening to what? You were still talking?”

“Emir Black Jack idiot, this is why you don’t have a girlfriend now.”

“Yeah yeah well how about you hurry up and get engaged so mother can focus on you and the woman you choose. You know if you were born first and had to marry Almira I think you would understand where I’m coming from.”

“Sure she’s a b**** of the worst kind and she broke you heart.”

“She didn’t break my heart. She just embarrassed me and made life very difficult.”

“Okay if that is what you want to call it. I think that she really hurt you and that your problem. Dad made you marry her at very young age and she was four or five years older than you which gave her a great advantage in influencing you. Hey if it wasn’t for the fact that her father had so much trouble getting U.S visas for her and her brothers on his own then you two would never have been married.”

“Yeah and your point now is what? She ruined me so now I am incapable of loving anyone? Is that what your trying to tell me?” Jack asked is brother.

“Well Black your not the easiest person to love and you don’t make matters ay easier for the other person.”

“Great so you agree with her.” He said folding his arms.

“Agree with who?”

“Almira, she said some like that to me that last time I saw her. She said I wasn’t capable of loving anyone but myself or rather I love only myself and I’ll always run back to her.”

“Well after she divorced you and got married again you continued to f*** her got her pregnant again and then you continued to give her money. How much are you paying in child support a year… 2.4 million dollar? That a hell of a lot of money for some kids. I didn’t pay anywhere near that amount for my son.”

“Yeah I know but dad sure beat the s*** out of you when you told him you got that girl pregnant while you were in college.”

“You didn’t have to remind me. I can still feel the punches but I didn’t continue to sleep with her once the relationship was over. Yeah I got her pregnant not my fault the condom broke and yes I asked her to marry me but she refused but I’m a proud father of an amazing son that does what he is supposed to do and his mother isn’t sleeping with half the town. I don’t think you can say the same about your situation.” Shaleef said looking Jack in the eye. Jack gave him an annoyed look.

“I can’t control what she does in her spare time. I couldn’t control what she did when we were married. All I can do is see my sons and make sure that they get what they need.”

“You know you can do more than that Black. Take it from your older brother. You need to get your boys out of that before the s*** hits the fan. That blow up is going to happen that we both know. You don’t want to get a call about what he did to your boys and I damn sure don’t want a call from mom or dad saying that something happened to you or my nephews so do yourself a favor and get them out that house. Then you can find some way to break it down to her husband.”

“Shaleef you give Ishmael too much credit. I doubt he would hurt one of the boys. He might beat the s*** out of Almira but the boys no but you are rightly so to be worried. I have been thinking about it lately and I have decided that I need to have a talk with Ishmael about the boys. I’ll find some why to do talk to him without a lot of yelling.”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way Jack you always were a smooth talker. Just say your prays before you do so and speak to mom.”

“That reminds me I said that I would come over to the house and help her cook.”

“It’s your turn again?” Shaleef asked. Their parents had made it a tradition that very month one of them had to come over and help them cook dinner. It was a dinner that they rarely missed. All the kids and grand kids would come over and eat. It was a nice thing their family did to stay close.

“Yup it’s my turn. I don’t mind it. I kinda miss being at home with mom and dad.”

“Yeah the food, the fights and the mayhem that is our family.” Shaleef joked.

“True. Shaleef I think that you’ll probably get married before I do again. I really think you more husband material than I am.” Jack admitted to his older brother.

“Maybe but for right now I would have to find a lady worthy of that kind of effort and commitment to even think about getting into a relationship let alone get married. For now I like this stick and move thing I got going. No stress, no problems just good sex when I want it but I will be looking out for a woman. God willing I’ll find one that I want to marry.”

“I wish you well, brother.”
“Thanks you. You know I should be going. I have a long drive to get to our parents house tomorrow. I told them I would see them when I got in.” Shaleef said standing up. Jack stood up and walked his brother to the door.

“Tell them I said hi and that I will be there Friday evening.”

“Sure. I’ll see you this weekend Black Jack.”

“Yes, you will Boo Boo.”

“Atleast my real name isn’t Black Jack.”

“Shut up!” Jack responded in their usually playful banter and closed the elevator door.

The rest of the week went by uneventful. All Jack did was fire a bunch of people and have meeting about reorganizing parts of the company. Next week he planned on looking over all the new campaigns. He predicted that next quarter would be a good one for JMC. When he thought about they had a right to be scared. He had the power to get them fired but he wasn’t looking to get rd of them just yet. He wanted to see there performance now and see how his other plans were going. In general life at work was good.

Jack made his way out of the building to his car when Ishmael suddenly pulled him to the side. H was more than surprised that Ishmael had done such a thing to him of all people but figure the jig was up and that he might have to put those all those years of mixed martial arts training to good use in a moment. The look in Ishmael’s eyes was desperate. Jack began to think that perhaps he didn’t come to try and kill him or punch his lights out. Maybe something else was wrong but before Jack could say anything to him Ishmael pulled him to Jacks car.

“We need to talk.” Ishmael says to him.

A/N Don't worry part two will be posted some time tomorrow and there will be alot of things going on as you can imagine. I posted this early because miss_p and others have left me messages asking what happened and where is Jack and so on because I didn't post Jack on Monday or Tuesday. I thought I was getting away and I almost did since nobody said anything but here is part one now and part two will be here Monday with alot of surprises so enjoy.

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Comment by Ladybass on May 31, 2009 at 9:30am
Oh yeah lot's of drama in the next part. I figured you like that quote. Stick and move
Comment by Ladybass on May 31, 2009 at 3:52pm
@ lovie dovie

Don't we all and originality it wasn't suppose to be a cliff hanger.
Comment by miss_p on June 1, 2009 at 9:33am
haha, thought you were going to get away with not giving us our jack fix, huh? thanks for posting it!

i agree with cougar spice. jack may be k's rival, but i still like him. and i am loving the series
Comment by lady lynxx- on June 1, 2009 at 9:35am
Ha ha...I told you that ppl were waiting lady! Good to read part 2!
Comment by Sheli on June 1, 2009 at 10:42am
Lynx do you have VIP treatment and get to read the stories before us....if so I am sooooo jealous?
I'm still torn between Jack and K, don't know who's side I'm on....awaiting part 2 :-)


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