Jay Z Meets With Barney's Regarding Racial Profiling Incidents

A couple of months ago Barney's was under fire after a young black male was wrongfully racially profiled while purchasing a $300 belt. Soon after, more and more stories of Barney's racist acts began to surface, including a similar incident of a young woman wanting to purchase a Celine bag.


Jay Z, who had just recently inked a collaborative deal to have a new fashion line & fragrance sold exclusively at Barneys, had quickly become a target of the community. People wanted to know WHY was Jay Z still pushing forward with his deal and how come he hasn't spoken up.


Although Jay Z still chose to continue his push with Barney's New York, he recently sat down with the retail giant's internal advisory council to discuss the recent incidents. Jay Z, knowing that his name alone was going to attract urban shoppers, gave the council his input surrounding racial profiling. He also was involved in creating new guidelines for the way the retailer interacts with the New York Police Department.


Though I can't afford a single thing in Jay Z's line at Barney's, the same people who will buy a $300 belt or $1200 Celine bag will definitely head to the store to purchase something he was involved in. It's very important that Barney's understands that and realizes that you can't call the police on every black kid with a debit card.

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Comment by kami2hot on December 2, 2013 at 2:36pm
*sigh* Jay Z only did that to save face & his pockets. not that I care but I do wish ppl would stop looking up to these celebs like they're supposed to e leaders or something. sure it would be GREAT if they used their influence in various ways for the betterment of our ppl but that's NOT their duty to. we need to take it upon ourselves to do so instead of passing the buck. we're fully capable. I'm not saying this to take up for Jayz because I have never been a fan of his but this is my feeling toward celebs in general bc I KNOW someone is going to try to pass him off as the next great civil rights leader/activist *rolls eyes*
Comment by Blue-Z on December 2, 2013 at 3:30pm
I had an incident at Neiman Marcus a few years ago. It was unnecessary and put a negative perspective in my mind where I choose to lay my coins. This is not a JayZ issue, it's a consumer problem. If Barney's or Neiman's or any store chooses to devalue the patrons then don't support that chain. Simple. It's strength in numbers and I got my cyber Monday shopping done at Walmart today. What.. Phuck yo Retail!
Comment by Skylas the limit on December 2, 2013 at 6:17pm

finally i don't expect much from him but at least he said something 

Comment by BadGalAshwa on December 2, 2013 at 7:55pm

Just a sad situation.. we need to learn how to stick together! 

Comment by MimiBelli on December 3, 2013 at 4:15pm
You ever managed operations or supervised personnel? Its a pain in the ass, to be blunt. So, if im just some random investor trying to construct a business deal with a store CHAIN of 1000 locations, you think im going to be aware of every single alleged incident caused by an 'associate'? You think I'll automatically know about some b******* going down in store 526? Be real. Even corporate wouldnt...or they might but there's something to be said for priority.
All in all, I think, "What a monumental pain in the ass this situation must be for him." JayZ and Barneys management did what they could do. It's not like Barneys doesnt care. Public perception affects the 'bottom line'.

Everyone's trying to save face. What else can be done? Being one who likes to have 'the facts' before I shame and blame, I'm not going to criticize Jay Z. I see little about the alleged incident that kicked this off in the article. Dont know what actually took place.

Anywho -

Personally, Ive gone to a nice hotel/establishment & had the 'I'm surprised to see ppl like you actually staying as a guest here' treatment. The black workers do as well. So, whatever. However, theyre proud nonetheless that 'one of us' is prosperous. I've also gone to a high end furniture store & recieved the same watchful dismissiveness.
I'll say that the attitude isnt necessarily a racist one. More of an elitist one. Somewhere between 20-30% of our population is 'working poor'. Assumptions can and will be made.

BUT, be it CSR, hostess or waitstaff - I could never take offense to the perceived racist attitude of a worker. Why?
For one, Ive spent a lot of time working psych (psych nurse)...and working psych, you come to understand that most people are privy to prejudiced/racist tendencies. They just dont 'go there' in most social settings.
So, no - I dont take offense easily. To that end, I simply dont care who is/nt prejudiced. Just leave ME alone about it. Most businesses have a 'customer's always right' philosophy. Particularly in hospitality, where the waitstaff cant even defend against abusive patrons. This black person on the receiving end of...'whatever the hell went on' could've had the offending employee suspended or had their job.
Secondly, wealth can be thought of as the great equalizer. Where nonwhites are concerned, it's not a bottom of the top situation, anymore.
Class trumps race...any time. Any day. Anyone telling you differently, hasnt a clue.
So, Im not concerned with much on this note and could only be concerned about racists who have enough power and cunning to hurt me.
Words and looks dont hurt me. Black folks a mere generation ago endured far worse and never cried about it. My granddaddy had a business and sent his daughters to college in the 1920-30's when black folks couldnt even be outside after dark in parts of Texas. But, he was of a different cohort. His and the WW2 Generation. Black, white, latino...they were a different breed.
From what ive seen in my life, most with racist feelings arent in a position to affect your freedom, hurt your career,etc... Furthermore, I dont understand why I should care about the opinions of someone whose job it is to be of service to me. I mean, really....
Theyre 'the help'.

Call me 'bougie' & 'entitled', if you will. That's fine. Although black my parents never raised us to sweat the small things. Never raised us to think like 'minorities'. To see ourselves as 'less than'.


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