Ladybass Introducing Mr. BA himself: Mr. Jack Benjamin- Ames : The Agreement (complete)

“Gracie….ok so you and Kay are going to pick us up from the airport then?” A deep voice said over the phone.

“Yes, Jazz’s flight will have come in already so you’ll see us all there and remember not to call dad. This is supposed to be a surprise.” Gracie said over the phone to her younger 19 year old brother Jack Junior other wise known as Jay or Jay Jay.

“Cool no problem so where are we staying until Dad’s birthday when we get in?” he asked.

“We got that covered. Uncle Shaleef is going to keep you at his place or you can stay at Aunt Kathy’s the day before so you can ride in the car with them.”

“Okay so another girl coming to Dad’s birthday party that are not related to us?” he asked.

“Jay this is Dad’s birthday. You’re not supposed to be trying get some woman’s number.”

“Says who beside Dad never celebrates his birthday. This whole thing sounded like a trap when you first called me.”

“Well Kay his girlfriend wanted to do this for him so we’re doing it.”

“Cool so I’m get to meet this woman dad told me about….so is she ok?” he asked.

“Yeah she ok. More than ok and he really loves Dad but not nutzo like mom. Dad is really happy and I think you’ll like her when you meet in a few days.”

“I guess I will if she cool with you. Oh I heard you got a boyfriend. He bust that cherry yet?”


“What I’m just asking. S*** I know dad made it harder for you and Jazz with having sex and all that. Mom used to send me text messages telling me don’t pay for s*** when I get a girlfriend and always use a condom. Only screw rich girls and they mother if I could manage it…it used to be really crazy. This guy you with must be something if Dad approves because you know how he is with you and Jazzy. You’re his baby girls.” He commented.

“Yeah I know but Dad really likes Troy so he’s been cool with it and no me and Troy have not gotten to that. Trust when it does there will be a condom on that d*** cause I’m not looking to birth no baby or have Dad kill me and Troy.”

“Good cause I’m not ready to be an uncle. Anyway I’ll be moving bringing all my stuff back to Chicago as well. My semester away is over so I’ll be back at the University there.” Jay informed her.

“Great so now you can baby sit Jacob and Horace.”

“Hmmm yeah I haven’t seen my little brothers in awhile. We’ll have fun. I’ll be so happy to be back in my own apartment again.”

“Yeah it’ll be nice to see you so break any hearts while you were away?”

“Oh never that, never that.”

Kathy sat at her desk organizing the files that she had finished working on recently. It was late in the afternoon and the weather was still nice. She thought about going out side to enjoy it for a few moments but the thought soon left her as an important matter with copyright suits was placed on her desk by her secretary. Today was a light day in comparison to what her normal case load would be but so was a life of a lawyer that worked for a firm such as Flemmore & Rosen. Kathy was an in house lawyer that was attached to the firm. Her main station was in Mitchals, a conglomerate that had it’s had in just about everything that had to do with clothing and home entertainment. She was happy with her work over all. Years of studying and double majoring twice had really paid off for her. She bought her own house with no mortgage and her own car. Shaleef paid off all their student loans when they had completed school and when his family’s investments started raking in tons of money. It was very helpful when he did that plus the child support increased tenfold but it wasn’t what she really needed from him. She really wanted him to marry her and be a better father to Javier but it didn’t happen however Kathy couldn’t complain too much about Shaleef when there were millions of fathers out there not involved in anyways in their children’s lives. Shaleef was always involved though it was not as much as she would have liked. He was always there when needed and she had noticed the changes in him recently with Shaleef toward Javier. He was even more active in his life or trying to be. It was nice to see them together she just hoped that he didn’t give Javier some crazy advice on women. That would be very much Shaleef if he did so she would have to make sure that Javier head was straight when she got a chance to be alone with him.

Kathy looked t her schedule for the next few days. It looked full but it wasn’t too bad. She took a case for the Law firm and she had a meeting at Mitchels over a current case with some trademarks and business issues. It turned out to be a great idea to get a law degree and MBA at the same time. She made over 250,000 a year before bonuses and this year she knew that she would make more since she was taking some cases from the firm as well as working at Mitchels. She wanted to prepare to but the money she took out for her make over back in her savings accounts and Javier’s account. She promised that she would return every cent she took out and she was going to keep that promise. In another two paychecks should down paying back the money. She turned her thoughts back to Shaleef’s impromptu proposal. She really did love him with all her heart and his words did flatter her. She knew her answer but she hadn’t given it to him yet. She thought she wait him out a bit.

“Ms. Addams…A Robert Ames is here to see you. Should I send him in?” her secretary asked.

“Yes please.” Kathy had not been expecting him. She wondered why he came. Did he want an answer now?

Shaleef walked in as confident as ever and kissed Kathy as soon as he got to her desk.
“Hi baby. I was in the neighbor and decided to stop buy.”

“You must be off to take the trip here.”

“Yeah I left early today. All the major work was already done so I decided take the rest of the day off. One of the perks when you are the boss so is your work load heavy?” he asked.

“No not at all. I have gotten what I needed to do done. Were you planning something Shaleef?” she inquired.

“I was wondering if you could take the rest of the day off and then we could be together to do stuff. It’s a nice afternoon.”

“All right Shaleef but what ever we’re doing you’re paying.”

“Well of course woman. What kind of gentle man do you think I am? You know what don’t answer that.”

Ishmael sat in front of Farrah’s father and three brothers going over the wedding proposal and plans.

“I would like to be married as soon as possible to Farrah. I assure you that she will be well taken care of and so will any children that we may have together. My family has been very good to you so I don’t know why there is such mistrust here.”

“It is not mistrust Sheik. We just want to make sure my sister will be treated as well or better than your first wife. You have two sons already and any children you have with
Farrah would be were in the inheritance?” Rasheed asked

“I have already said and written in the papers that any male child I have with Farrah will have the title and a good portion of inheritance. My two older boys will be an inheritance as well without question and I am not changing that. Farrah and out children will want for nothing. Now please let us decide on what week the wedding is to take place. Farrah and I both wish to be married as soon as possible.” Ishmael said.

“Sheik I am glad that you have asked my daughter to be your new wife but I do not see the reason to rush such things. My daughter deserves a wedding that is well planned out and lavish. You are a very rich man and can make that happen. Besides she has brother all of whom are here and family helps family.” Abbas said.

“You want job or money…wait it is both.” Ishmael said. One thing Ishmael knew is when it came to marriages it was mostly about business.

“It would be nice if my boys here could have better jobs. They’ll earn their keep but they need a place where they can grow and make more money. Rasheed job doesn’t pay him well. He can barely support his family. You see Sheik ?”

“I see. I want to be married to Farrah by the end of net month. I will marry her by then with or without your blessing or your presence. I will not be played with because you see an opportunity to gain positions and money by using Farrah. If you needed a favor then ask men and do not bring Farrah and our relationship into it.”

“Forgive us Sheik but marriage is business. You of all people should know this. Farrah will not marry you unless she has my blessing and I will not give it unless my boys are taken care of. You respect her by respecting her family and helping them. Give them jobs and money like you would your own brothers and then we can talk about when a wedding might take place.” Abbas said and rose from his seat. His sons followed him. Once they left Ishmael put his hands through his hair. This was going to be a pain but it would be worth it as long as Farrah was his wife.

“Shaleef, why can’t you be more like this all the time?” Kathy asked him. He had taken her to a very expensive restaurant and then to the park to go to the ice cream palor.

“Don’t know. I guess I never really try. Jack likes to do stuff like this and me….I just like to…work and work out a lot.” He answered.

“Are you kidding me? Jack’s a workaholic and you know how much he likes to use the gym and fight. So why aren’t you as chivalrous as he is with his woman?”

“Well I guess it’s different because it’s you. I’ve known you for so long so I guess I feel like I don’t have to do much but I know I was wrong so this is me treating you how I should have been treating you. Do you like it so far?” he asked as they walked through the park.

“I love it.”

“Good. I’m happy then. You know Jazz and Jay are coming over in a day or two.”
“Yeah I remember. Kay really is going all out for Jack’s birthday.”

“Well Jack said he is going to ask her to marry him. I think he’s got the ring already so I’m just waiting until he calls to tell me that he asked her but speaking of which do you have an answer? I don’t mean to rush you baby. I just want to know if you decided yet.”

“Yes Shaleef I do have an answer for you.”

“Oh well if it’s no then I understand…I’ll still love you anyway.”

“Yes. I’ll marry you.”

“Huh you will? You’ll marry me?” he asked happily.

“Yes Shaleef I will marry you but on some conditions…”

“Conditions? Oh boy…” he said.

“No prenup.”

“What! Woman have you lost your mind? I love you but…”

“No buts….I didn’t say we wouldn’t have an agreement but it won’t be one where you keep all your money if you really f*** up besides I figure I been with you through all your s*** so if I divorce you I should get something.”

“Woman I’m not going to divorce you besides we can put that in the prenup.”

“No there will be no prenup. When we’re married we will draft up a post nup that will decided where our assets will go if something happens to one of us or if in some strange case we divorce but I don’t think divorce will be a problem not will it Shaleef?”

“No it won’t.”

“Good so are we getting married?” She asked.

“Yes we are getting married. My God I’m agreeing to no prenup but there will be a post nup.”

“Yes there will be one which will decide what happens if one of us dies or if in the strange case we divorce it will say that that I will get the house and you get the car the rest will be decided by the courts.

“The courts! Ok ok….I can agree to that. I said I wasn’t going to divorce you and I said I’ll marry you….so I will but we got to talk about something.”

“What?” she asked happy that she was getting her way.

“If I cheat on you but call you before and say that there is this woman I want to f*** can you not divorce me if I ask you first?” he asked her.

“You want permission from me to screw somebody else?”

“Yeah…can’t we make that agreement and if there is some dude you wanted to f*** you ask me and I tell you yes or no…It could be a good thing.”

“Shaleef as jealous as you get you would give me permission to screw another guy?”

“Well yes…I know your mine already and I believe our relationship is that strong so why not. I’m very open minded when it comes to sex.”

“Oh this I have got to see. Shaleef you let me do any freaky thing I wanted in bed with you. So if I asked for a threesome with another guy you let me have one?”

“Well I have had them so it’s only fair.”

“Shaleef have you been drinking?” she asked.

“No I’m serious especially with no prenup and with a post nup that’s only covering if we die scenarios and who will get the house and the car but not the other assets. In case I do think I’m cheat I need to make this agreement now.”

“All right Shaleef…I make that agreement with you since I would love to see how freaky you can get in bed but I’m pick out a guy that I want to sleep with and I’m show him to you.”

“You really going to find a guy to screw?” he asked.

“Oh yes..I’ve had this fantasy and since you’re feeling this way I think I’m live it out. Is that ok with you?”she asked him.

“All right Kathy. So who do you have in mind?” he asked.

“Steven Rosen…”

“The partner in your firm?! You want to f*** him. That white boy?” he asked.

“That white boy is fine and single. That is who I want to have a three some with so are you in Shaleef?”

“Why did I open my big mouth? AAA Yes I’m in. WE’RE getting married with no prenup nd we’re having a threesome with Steve if he’s in. My God woman…Good thing I love you.”

Ishmael’s day had not gone a smoothly as he would have liked. The accountant for Smoke Station Inc. informed him that he wouldn’t be paid until after the audit since the government had frozen the accounts of the company until all the money could be accounted for. Ishmael was then on the phone for half the day with other representatives of the company confirm the same thing. His management team suggested that they wait it out before taking any legal action. Then Ishmael’ meeting with Farrah’s father and brothers turned into a disaster. He should have known that they would not have wanted to rush their nuptials. Marriage was a business and they wanted to make sure that they were getting something out of it because Ishmael is a very wealthy Sheik and not some ordinary man. It was frustrating him to no end that they wouldn’t allow them tot be married anytime soon it seemed until all the fine details were mapped out. Ishmael had already drafted a contract saying that any male son he had with Farrah would inherit his title but he also made clear that Jacob and Horace would continue to be beneficiaries of his will. He was not going to cut out the two children that he still considered his out of his life financially because he was getting remarried. He was going to pay for the wedding of course since that is what the groom does in their culture and he would pay the father a handsome sum for giving Farrah to him as his wife which is also required of him in their culture. Abbas wasn’t satisfied with the contract so their marriage as still in limbo.

Ishmael felt his phone vibrate. When he looked to see who was calling he smiled seeing that it was Farrah and answered the phone. “Hello darling. How are you today?”

“No well. I heard from my brother that the talks did not go well with you today. They won’t let us marry until an agreement is made. I’m so sorry Ishmael. I had no idea that they would be so difficult.”

“Don’t worry about it love. It’s business as usual. I can handle it and we will be married. I want to be married as soon as possible and these delays are just trying but we will work something out. Even if I have to give your family jobs some where for them to let us marry I will. I will figure it out.”

“I know you will. I miss you.”

“And I miss you. I’m sorry I was pulled away from you the other morning. I had a call from Saudi. Bad news.”

“What happened? You didn’t tell me.” She said.

“My brother’s horse died.”

“The one he used in races? The prize horse?”
“Yes she died. They over ran her and she collapsed so my brother called to inform me that he needs some money. The same old same old, I just sent him some money today.”

“I thought Abram was doing well with that.”

“He was but that horse was supposed to be mated with another high prized horse but since she died…well there will be no deal so he has to give back the money. I sent him some money so he’ll have access to some capital. The rest of his money he tied up a few months ago so he won’t have access to that for another 6 months. I’ll have my money back by then from him. He always pays me back so I don’t mind helping him. He’s family. What are you doing now?”

“I’m about to go give another lecture.”

“Ahh I see well perhaps tonight you can sneak away from your family and have dinner with me? We won’t do anything we are not supposed to. I just want to see you. I know your family won’t be happy by this but if you feel that I’m asking too much then I will invite them as well so it will be more appropriate.”

“I will have dinner with you Ishmael. I’ll bring Shareed so my father won’t other me about it. He won’t bother us much when we are together.”

“That’s fine. Until then love...I will be waiting patiently. Call me at the end of your lecture to let me know what time is more suitable for you.”

“I shall Ishmael. I love you.”

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Comment by lady lynxx- on September 30, 2009 at 4:14pm
Wooo! I love this one Bass - love the talk between Kathy and Shaleef - love the part about Ishmeal and Farrah's fam and Jay and Jazz! See you are really getting creative - gonna be on AIM later tonight.

Great job lady!
Comment by Ladybass on September 30, 2009 at 4:17pm
HAHAA Thank you Lady! Now let's see what everybody else got to say.
Comment by Siren on September 30, 2009 at 4:50pm
shaleef is gonna snap! Men can not handle their woman with another man...
Comment by Elise' on September 30, 2009 at 11:18pm
lord, this is good!!
Comment by Dominique P. Smith on September 30, 2009 at 11:59pm
Wow oh wow......the story gets better & better!!! Is there a man out there that really thinks like Shaleef? It's going to be trouble....trouble lol^_^
Comment by miss_p on October 1, 2009 at 7:31am
the two of you are dead azz wrong! two posts, and we still dont know who's dead??? grrrrrr.......
great installment, cant wait to meet the rest of the kids. jay is a trip just like the rest of jack's kids. kathy is not playing. farrah's father pissed me the hell off. but i still wanna know who died! see, this is what i was talking about, making us suffer!
Comment by Ladybass on October 1, 2009 at 7:46am
HAHAHA Miss_p I was waiting for your review....yeah sorry I forgot about that you see LadyL doesn't know who's dead. I'm the only one who does so she is waiting on that too. But I really did forget about it until I thought wait I didn't tell them who died. I might write some more and post it today just to answer that question or make more questions
Comment by miss_p on October 1, 2009 at 3:01pm
lol ladyb, i think you enjoy making us wait. but i'll try to be patient, since i have no choice! please put me out of misery. pretty please with a cherry on top?
Comment by Ladybass on October 1, 2009 at 3:25pm
hahaaha miss_p I really forgot... the threesome thing had my full attention at the moment there was supposed to be another scene but I thought you all waited long enough now if I could get more reviews.....
Comment by lady lynxx- on October 1, 2009 at 4:54pm
Girl, you better let me know who is dead! Signing on aim after my shower....


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