Lil Wayne Apologizes To Lebron & Miami, No Apologies For Adrienne Bosh & Blames D Wade + Luke Responds

Last night Lil Wayne sat down with an exclusive interview with Miami's Felisha Monet of 99 JAMZ to discuss the comments he made Sunday regarding the NBA, Miami Heat and being one of the rappers to walk through Adrienne Bosh's revolving door.



In the interview Lil Wayne says he doesn't apologize for getting things off his chest that night. He said that he had a lot of thoughts in his head and a lot to say. The rapper does take the time to apologize to the city of Miami for the misunderstanding saying that his comments weren't meant towards the city, just the basketball team. He also apologized to Lebron James saying that he was just a casualty of a war that was sparked by Dwyane Wade saying the entire Heat team doesn't f*** with him. When asked if he apologizes for what he said about Adrienne Bosh, Wayne says he's not apologetic and he's just doing him and can say what he wants at his party.


Wayne also goes on to explain where the animosity between him and the Miami Heat came from. Wayne admits that he spends over $1.5 Million a season for his Heat tickets every year, with no discount. He says that any time you've ever seen him at the game it's because HE bought those tickets.  Wayne says that whenever he attends games, regardless of how much he spends on tickets for the Miami Heat, the visiting teams always show him more love. Although he isn't saying it as him being flattered, just feels it is respect. He continues to tell the story of how the Heat were playing the Los Angeles Lakers and he was rooting for his team, which happened to be the Lakers. He does admit to doing a little heckling saying "Chris Bosh you can't hit a shot!" , "D.Wade Stop Crying!" and things of that nature. It was then that D. Wade looked Wayne dead in his face to which Wayne said "If y'all don't f*** with me, I don't f*** with y'all". To that comment Wade replied, "WE don't!", insinuating that the entire team has a problem with Wayne. Wayne replies "Well, f*** you then" and Wade says "F*** You!" and from that point on it was F*** everything about the Heat considering how much money he spends to be there.


Wayne shoots down rumors that he was escorted from the Heat vs Laker game. He says that he was given a tip that someone was going to escort him out so he took it upon himself to voluntarily leave without further incident.


As far as Weezy making comments about being banned from the NBA, he goes on to explain that he was made aware of this fact during NBA All Star Weekend. Gerald Green of the Indiana Pacers was participating in the dunk contest and wanted to involve Wayne. The plan was to have him dunk over Wayne riding a skateboard. Initially everything was okay but after the infamous Miami Heat game, the NBA contacted Green and told them that Wayne could not be involved. Wayne says that he was also supposed to perform the All Star Game half time with Alicia Keys and that too was vetoed by the NBA organization. Wayne really knew something was going on when he tried to get tickets to the game and was told that he couldn't get any tickets. According to Wayne it wasn't until yesterday that he finally got an explanation from David Stern saying they heard about what happened in Miami and for the better sake of everyone it would be best if he was not there.


I can totally see Wayne's frustration, especially since these are not comped tickets. If I just dropped over a mill to see you play, I'd be liable to say something reckless too. With that said, you can't go to a Heat game and badger the Heat expecting to be back in the arena next game. Now, I don't know what's really going on with D. Wade, maybe he was having a bad day but at one point the two of them used to be cool so I'd like to see them get it together. Lil Wayne not apologizing to Adrienne Bosh further proves that he's at least real enough to stand by what he says. Miami natives Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke have expressed their displeasure with what Wayne said and have taken it personally, as if Wayne has made jabs at the city. 99 JAMZ plans to interview them today. Now, I loved me some Trick and Uncle Luke but they are reaching. Understandably Wayne does live in Miami, party in Miami, get money in Miami etc but as someone who was personally at the party where the comments were made he NEVER said anything ill about the people or city of Miami, Florida. Just because you live in Miami doesn't mean you have to be a Miami Heat fan and I doubt if he said "F*** The Dolphins" that we'd be talking about this today. Trick and Luke may be using this as publicity, but to reach as  far as saying he disrespected the city is asinine. I've yet to give two solitary f***s when someone says "F*** The Dallas Cowboys"


Feel free to listen to the interview in its entirety HERE.


Speaking of Uncle Luke, in case you missed what Mr. "Doo Doo Brown" had to say about the entire "F*** Miami Heat" debacle, he took it upon himself to write a blog titled "It's Time Miami Stops Being Lil Wayne's B****" for Miami New Times. Check it out below.

Miamians are mad as hell at rapper Lil Wayne because he said f*** the Heat, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh on Sunday at a nightclub party in Houston. Lil Wayne even claimed he had sex with Bosh's wife. That was way out of line. However, don't blame Weezy for talking trash.

He has no respect for the city because people in Miami's entertainment industry -- from local radio DJs to South Beach nightclub promoters to the Heat's front office -- spread their legs for him and every out-of-town celebrity who rolls through town.

Lil Wayne treats Miami like his b**** because people let him.

When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a b**** move.

The Heat should have followed the Oklahoma City Thunder's lead. Last year, Oklahoma City representatives told Lil Wayne to take a hike when he asked for courtside seats to one of the Thunder's playoff games against the San Antonio Spurs. The Miami Heat should be giving court-side seats to the city's true local hip-hop heroes, like Trick Daddy and Betty Wright.

Stars can call up the Heat and get a free front-row seat or have nightclubs give them free tables and bottles of liquor whenever they want. Lil Wayne gets away with it because venue promoters are desperate to get mentioned in the gossip blogs and magazines. Local record label owners and radio station programming directors are also guilty of brown-nosing these interlopers.

Up-and-coming local artists like Alyric, K Kutta, Blaze, and YD can't get their songs played on the radio because the stations are too busy playing s*** from Cash Money Records. When the radio people get some balls and stop acting like groupies, they will stop playing Lil Wayne and company's music.

Hell, I want to know what Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and all these so-called 305 rappers who hang with Lil Wayne have to say about him disrespecting our home team. They need to set Lil Wayne straight. When you disrespect Miami, you can't be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald's to get a burger. And you better not show your face in the hood.

None of this b******* would have happened under my watch. In 1992, when I had a beef with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, they had to cancel a concert in Miami. For years, they couldn't set foot in the 305 because it was so hot. Suge Knight had to come down and smoke a peace pipe with me.

We also kept it real at the old Miami Arena, where I had season tickets from the first tip-off on July 13, 1988. I sat in the fourth row behind the basket near former Miami City Manager Joe Arriola. For a game against the New York Knicks, filmmaker Spike Lee was sitting in front of me. It was right after he trashed me on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Joe and I cussed him out during the entire first quarter. Arriola ended up getting thrown out, but Spike didn't come back for the second half.

I'm gonna have to come out of retirement because Miami's entertainment industry has gone soft. I've got no problem telling Lil Wayne where he can go.

Follow Luke on Twitter: @unclelukereal1.

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Comment by JustMe on February 21, 2013 at 9:43am
I don't understand what Adrienne Bosh has to do with any of this...

He sounds like a b**** complaining that visiting teams show him more love... I mean being that he's a regular, the Heat boys are used to seeing him... Maybe some of the other teams are star struck, ion know... But if what I read is correct, he has no one to blame but himself... He said "...if y'all..." To which D Wade responded "WE..." If Wayne's recollection is a true account of the happenings, then what did he EXPECT d Wade to say???? On top of that, dude was in the middle of a game, tensions are high...
Comment by Ms. Kay on February 21, 2013 at 10:02am

If paid over $1 million for something (regardless of the fact that I had more than enough money to spend) I'd be pissed if I could only use half of it.

As for the heckling...umm a bunch of people do it, it goes hand in hand with all sports. I mean, have you ever seen Spike at some of the Knicks games??? Wade needs to remember, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

And of the whole Bosh situation well --everyone has a past. But you can't act all shocked when a piece of it comes to light when making a new life for yourself. It's just  a casualty of the game. 

Comment by JustMe on February 21, 2013 at 10:07am
Spike heckles the OTHER team...
Comment by University of Smitty on February 21, 2013 at 10:16am

I agree with JM 100% and I cant stand the Heat. I'm having a hard time believing he paid 1.5 mill for some tickets and was going to be put out for heckling. Throwing bottles at the players??? Yes. Heckling??? No. That's some BS right there if I ever heard any. Paging Dr. Drew......

Comment by Eleven8 on February 21, 2013 at 10:25am

lol wait Smitty, why would he throw bottles at players? Isn't that worse than heckling lol

and again, as far as Adrienne Bosh, it aint like he's lying. Her tea been in these streets for years, its just now that main stream media is watching the skeletons tuck their knees and tumble out the closet. If her scamming him out of money is true, I would have spilled her tea a LONG time ago!

Comment by University of Smitty on February 21, 2013 at 10:34am  That's what I'm saying...that lil sh*t he did aint nothing and that's how I know it's a LIE.  Clevelanders know all about how to get put out of a and heckling aint gone cut it.

Comment by Baller Alert on February 21, 2013 at 10:47am

Eleven just added the Luke blog... what do you guys think? I feel like he is living in the 80s.

Comment by Moving In Silence on February 21, 2013 at 11:09am
I love Uncle Luke and all but his old ass needs to have a seat trying to start s***.
Comment by University of Smitty on February 21, 2013 at 11:20am

Yeah....Uncle luke has fallen off his rocker.  I mean who in the hell would give Trick Daddy & Betty (???) free court side tickets???

Comment by University of Smitty on February 21, 2013 at 11:35am

I look up the price of Heat tickets and the best seats at the most expensive games (heat vs la) are $600 a pop.  If they played the Lakers 82 games a season, and Wayne bought 20---$600 tickets to EVERY game, it would not cost 1.5 mill.


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